A Very Lovely Thing You Should Do Today

A Very Lovely Thing You Should Do Today
Carly Jacobs

t’s been a very busy but wonderful week here in Smaggle land. I’ve spent the last week at the Gold Coast for the Problogger conference where Chrissy and I presented a session on blogging productivity. It’s been on my professional bucket list for a while now to speak at PB and judging by the feedback we got I can pretty confidently say that we nailed it. I also didn’t say ‘vagina’ and I only used conference appropriate swearing. Win.

Mr Smaggle and I then stuck around for a few days and worked in Byron. It was seriously lovely to spend time away near the water and slow down a little bit. We stayed at Blah Blah (note: I wrote this on the plane and meant to Google where we stayed before I published it but I forgot and it’s too hilarious to change now: We stayed just outside Byron) and I can highly recommend it. The AirBnB place we stayed at have a cow called Slutty Cow (they called her that because she keeps getting pregnant by the bull next door) who’d come say hello every morning and the view was totally killer.

byron bay

After an insane yet still relaxing few days I thought I’d do a taking stock post. This is a little template that Pip from Meet Me At Mike’s and I like to do every few months just to reflect on stuff and it’s a very lovely thing to do. If you want to do this yourself you can grab the template from the bottom of this post but if you want to publish it on your blog be sure to credit Pip.

Making : Crochet everything! I’m doing a blanket for a special present but I’ve been doing lots of beanies, booties and little toys. My next challenge is make a corner to corner crochet blanket of Benedict Cumberbatch’s face. I think it’s the right level of dedicated and creepy.
Cooking : Poached eggs! I’m finally a part of that smug group of people that perfectly poach eggs in their own home. It’s okay to hate me a little bit.

little blog big

Drinking : Empower-Mint Tea. I made little tea bags for this years PB event as my business cards. My mate and I made them on a boozy crafternoon a few weeks ago and it was the best few hours I’ve had in months. Craft and wine work REALLY well together… until a certain point and then you really shouldn’t be using scissors any more.
Reading: Eccentric Glamour by Simon Doonen. I re-read this every now and then because it’s just so delightful.
Wanting: Not a lot at the moment to be honest. Feeling like a very lucky lady right now. Although some nude t-bar Swedish Hasbeens wouldn’t go astray.
Looking: At bridesmaids dresses! I get to be a bridesmaid in November and January. I adore being a bridesmaid because I love dressing up and organising other people’s lives. It’s like an activity that’s made specifically for my enjoyment.
Playing: Call Your Girlfriend podcast. It’s a podcast for long distance besties where two girls call each other and talk about all the stuff. It’s brilliant. You should listen to it.
Deciding: On a name for my new blog… stay tuned!

Federal Byron Bay

Wishing: That our government would get its shit together. I’m so worried about climate change, marriage equality and our refugees and the powers that be keep sticking their heads in the sand.
Enjoying: Spending a few days working from beautiful Byron bay. It was slower, calmer and I had time to give myself some creative space. It was wonderful!
Waiting: For my bestie to come over so we can go to the gym. She likes to cut her deadlines fine. *twitch*
Liking: Bojack Horseman. A very cool show on Netflix that everyone should watch. Just a warning though: It’s a drama not a comedy. It’s animated so I think a lot of people have pre-conceived notions about it.
Wondering: Why some criminals are so stupid. I’ve been binge watching FBI Files on Netflix and on the whole, murderers are pretty dumb. If you kill someone, burn all the clothing you wore when you did it, including your shoes. It’s just common sense. Not that I want people to get away with murder but come on. It’s not rocket science people.
Loving: Spending time with all my blogging besties. Blogging is a weird hobby and an even weirder job and although my real life friends try really hard to get it, it’s just not the same as when I spend time with my online crew.

work day

Pondering: Getting a tattoo. I’ve never really wanted one but I have a phrase I’ve been sitting with since I went to India in 2011 and the urge hasn’t quite left me. It will probably never happen but the thought pops up from time to time.
Considering: Growing my hair really, really long again.
Buying: Jewellery! I bought myself a beautiful obsidian ring when I was in Byron to celebrate an excellent year in business and to keep myself inspired for my next phase. It’s my version of a performance review for the self employed.
Watching: Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge… or anything at all with Alan Partridge.
Hoping: To get some solid work time over the next few days. I’m travelling to 4 states within the span of a week and travel is a total marvellous time suck.
Marvelling: At planes. I never ever get sick of them or stop thinking they’re totally cool.
Cringing: At people taking my Instagram memes, cutting off my @smaggle watermark at the bottom and re-gramming without credit. It takes me ages to make them and it’s a bit mean to not credit me.
Needing: New underwear but I hate all the underwear so it makes it very difficult to buy it.
Questioning: The existence of my fringe. It happened quite accidentally and now I don’t know what the hell to do with it. Keep it? Grow it? Advice needed.
Smelling: Coffee. Sweet delicious Melbourne coffee.
Wearing: Marimekko and Cos everything. I don’t need to shop anywhere else. I’m done. I once had a reader describe my style as Gothic Gypsy Nimbin Minimalist and these stores serve my style perfectly.
Following: ChilliPhilly. Cannot get enough of this guy.
Noticing: How much bigger ‘big butts’ are these days. Sir Mix A Lot has no idea what big butts are. Anaconda forever.


Knowing: …me knowing you. Ah-ha! (That’s a joke that only Alan Partridge fans will understand but I couldn’t help myself!)
Thinking: About bed time. I’ve been very in to my sleep these days. I was having trouble sleeping last year and crochet has totally fixed it so now I’ve fallen back in love with my bed.
Admiring: The career of Judy Greer. If I could have one Hollywood career, it would be hers. Not so famous that she can’t live a normal life but famous enough so she never runs out of work or money. The perfect combination.
Sorting: My Evernote files and trying to come up with better systems for note keeping. My current system is pretty good but when it comes to organisation, I like to reach for the stars.
Getting: Buff! My bestie and I have been hitting the gym about 4 times a week. We have a running joke that her wedding is going to be a nude wedding so we both need thigh gaps. There’s a trainer at the gym who thinks we’re being dead serious and keeps suggesting exercises for us. So helpful.
Bookmarking: All About Ami, Crochet in Colour and Attic 24.
Coveting: A new couch. Ours is on it’s last legs.
Disliking: The boring part of my business. I have so much money stuff to deal with and all I want to do is the fun stuff like speaking and writing.
Opening: Boxes and boxes of yarn. Like if I go to the post office and it’s not yarn, I pout.
Giggling: At my full on comedy spray last Saturday night. I took a swig of red wine right as Chrissy busted out the best MC Hammer impersonation of the century and I laughed and sprayed wine EVERYWHERE!!! It was amazing. I live for comedy spray.
Feeling: Really good actually. Very busy but quite well after being sick for a week. Life is good.
Snacking: On cucumbers and capsicums. I’m trying to eat less packaged snacks so I’ve been wandering around eating capsicums like apples.
Helping: Mr Smaggle get up in the morning. He actually sucks until about midday, poor petal.
Hearing: Rumours about a new Flight of the Conchords project. This pleases me greatly.

Here’s a blank one if you want to do it yourself! And you should because it’s lovely.

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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How are things with you? Want to take a little life break and take stock in the comments section?


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  1. Anna Buckley 2 years ago

    Can anyone ever find the perfect underwear? Needing an underwear whisperer, comfortable AND sexy…I would pay good money for that!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      I find great underwear once every few years, buy fuck tonnes of it and then it’s always discontinued by the time it wears out.

  2. little miss scout 2 years ago

    Life goal to cook good poached eggs…yes I do hate you a bit ?

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      I’m also really good at it. My yolks always flow like lava.

  3. Flat Bum Mum 2 years ago

    Carly, you are such a great writer. You really capture each idea so concisely and with such humour! I love it. I am a huge undies hater too. I recently returned to the jockey pair with the lace around the legs and waistband. I’m loving the no VPL in my jeans and they are less wedgie than the normal elastic leg undies. (Too much info? Sorry). Have a great day. Bron

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      Oh my goodness what a wonderful compliment! And you wrote this before I even had a chance to proof-read it! Embarrassing much! 🙂 Never too much info about undies. Share the knowledge I say!

  4. Melissa Calderon 2 years ago

    You should read Judy Greer’s memoir that she wrote a few years ago, “I don’t know what you know me from”. She’s a lovely writer and an all around extremely likeable person.

    Loved this segment and your latest “Why Don’t You”. Thanks for making my day brighter!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      Oh I should! I’d love that and I love her. Thanks for the feedback! I’m always experimenting with they type of content mix that works that best so that’s lovely to hear!

  5. Jess Carey 2 years ago

    Tea bags as business cards. Greatest idea EVER!!!!!!! Wish I could have been at PB, I’m sure you were amazing!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      Oh thank you it was amazing! We had such an great time. I’d speak every year if they let me!

  6. Too many laughs had at PB and the tattoo convo just came flooding back… as did that epic dance-off in our room! Oh. MAN! What a blast! As for your fringe, you know I’m totally digging it – it has a very Beyoncé in the Telephone video vibe to it and I have a full blown girl crush on Queen B… so I’m a fan. On a serious note, I’m so very proud of you. You’re kicking major goals and I love watching you shine. x

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      Thank you darling heart! I had the best time with you on the weekend. Best roomie ever. And I feel the same way about you love. I’m so happy to have you in my blogging crew! x

  7. Anna 2 years ago

    Great post!
    personally I don’t like poached eggs much, so you can have them… but you are very inspiring generally…
    good on you for crocheting, I adore crocheted things but am far too imaptient to actually do any of it.
    also I was beyond thrilled to see that you remembered the description of your style I wrote in your survey yonks ago!!!!!!!
    You did read it!
    Yay… just, when you can, a few more GGNM fixes, please?

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      NO WAY!!! Was that you??? I read every single one of the 600 responses because it was amazing!!! I read that I was like – Holy shit. This girl just totally nailed it. I have it in the back of my mind every single time I go shopping. I ADORE that description. Although if you don’t like poached eggs I might have to love you a little less… 🙂

  8. KezUnprepared 2 years ago

    I love this ‘taking stock’ idea. I’ve never done one, because to be honest, haven’t always known for sure who to link back to! I think I’ll give it a go 🙂
    PS Blah blah sounds like a great place to stay!! 😉

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      I was so embarrassed looking back on that this morning so I had to leave it in. I imagine the locals would have been like ‘Where the hell is Blah Blah???’

  9. Cheryl 2 years ago

    Oh this is quite delightful and a nice way to find out more about your empower-minty self!

    I’m so glad I get to share this: I walked past Chilli Philly today and got to make eye contact and smile at him ADORINGLY! Or at least I hope it was him- I’ve admired his posts so much that I really would recognise him, right? Gosh I hope it was him.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      Oh thank you! I would fan girl HARD if I ever saw him. I’m hoping to get good enough at crochet to collaborate with him. I’m thinking outfits for sausage dogs.

  10. Fantastic Chaos 2 years ago

    I got your Alan Partridge reference and I liked it. I also agree with you on the underwear thing. Can never find just the right pair, so frustrating, ’cause they’re kind of an essential everyday item.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      YES!!!! I’m so glad that wasn’t wasted. I’m still looking for the perfect ones!

  11. Dawn 2 years ago

    I’m going the opposite way with my hair and considering a full on pixie, to remove all the bleach ( many years of multi coloured hair), and see how grey my hair really is under it all. Always go for the tattoo 😀 As for the fringe let it grow free range for a while and you’ll soon know if you want to reign it in.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      Thank you! That’s excellent advice. And go the pixie cut! So low maintenance! xxx

  12. Cassie 2 years ago

    PLEEEEASE KEEPYOUR FRINGE! Babe, it’s the absolute cutest thing you’ve ever done to you hair. Stunning. Frames your face perfectly and makes your cheeks pop!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

      Oh that’s exactly the kind of feedback I was after! I’ve had a few people say fringes are a nightmare in summer but mine’s kind of messy and choppy so I’m sure it will be fine! Thank you! x

      • Anna 2 years ago

        Hi, I forgot to say that I also think your fringe is very cheeky and gorgeous: AND it is a truth universally acknowledged that fringes and hoop earrings are a match made in heaven….


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