7 Things I’m Loving Hard Right Now


recently got my annual Smaggle survey results (winners announced soon!) and I discovered some really interesting stuff.

1. Most people SAY they like my travel content but it doesn’t get clicked on or read as much as my other content.

2. Most of my Aussies readers are in NSW. *waves from Victoria*

3. Y’all love the fashion, productivity and recommendation posts the best.

And that reminded me that it’s been a while since I’ve done a recommendation post so here this weeks one. These are few things I’ve been loving hard recently. I hope you end up loving them hard too…

1. Diet Coke 

I know I’m not supposed to love it and it’s going to give me cancer, and it trains my brain to crave sweet things and blah, blah, blah but I bloody love a frosty cold can of D.C every now and then. It’s not an every day thing for me but sometimes, I just want a cheeky diet soft drink with my salad. And it’s ace.

loving hard

2. Long Day 

It’s this great little app that lets you plan your day hour by hour. It’s perfect for when you really need to knuckle down and get things done. I respond very well to time constraints so if I only have an hour to do a task, I’ll do it in that time. For instance this is the 4th blog post I’ve written today, all because of Long Day. It really does help you get shit done. I’ve been addicted to it for the last few weeks.

3. RuPaul’s Drag Race 

I resisted this show for a while but then my gay husbands did a full on gasp and pearl clutch when I told them I hadn’t seen it so I added it to my Stan watch list. So good. I’ve had it on in the background while I’ve been working and it’s just hilarious. Great, no brainer entertainment. Also my favourite drag queen ever Willam Belli is in season 4 and he is a fucking riot. Love it.

loving hard

4. Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Castille Soap 

You can use this soap for anything. I mean ANYTHING. When I was in Indonesia, I used it for a face cleanser, shampoo, shower gel and washing liquid to hand wash my clothes. I’m never using anything else. I bought a big bottle when I got back it’s slowly replacing everything in my house. I’ve also only tried the peppermint and I have no intention of trying any other scent. It smells DELICIOUS!

5. Roast broccoli and cauliflower 

I’ve been cooking a big tray of roast broccoli and cauliflower every few days and having it on the side of most meals. Such a delicious and warm little pocket of yum. And very re-heatable which I love, so I can batch and make it ahead.

loving hard

6. My coffee jar  

I used a KeepCup for years but I was delighted when it broke recently because I didn’t like the way the coffee tasted in it. I now use a little canning jar I found at a cooking store for $3 and it’s perfect. I take it with me everywhere and I use to for coffee, tea, gelato… I even had red wine out of it at a BBQ the other day. I can’t recommend a little glass jar enough for cutting down on waste.

loving hard


7. Pepper Jack Cab Sav & Shiraz

I was recently in Canberra visiting my crew and pretty much everyone bought a bottle of Pepper Jack red because they know it’s my favourite. I like most red wine (expect for Pinot Noir – honestly, it’s so weak I might as well just drink white wine) but Pepper Jack never disappoints. I used to be a straight up shiraz gal but I’ve been loving the cab sav too. A safe, delicious and hearty winter-appropriate drop.

As usual I’d love it very much if you told me a few things you’re loving this week.

What’s your new favourite beauty product? TV show? Podcast?


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  1. KezUnprepared 11 months ago

    Oh yum – I need to do more roasting of veggies for this winter! The best way to get your healthy eating on and still have that satisfying, warm, hearty food feeling! Thanks for the reminder! x

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      I totally need reminding of it too. I just forget that roast veggies exist. 🙂

  2. Mary Christine 11 months ago

    1) Face Blur by Etude House — Korean face primer with spf and a little luminosity. Fifteen bucks on Amazon! It’s replaced my usual foundation, it’s so good.
    2) Falling in love again with the podcast The Dollop. Educational and hilarious.
    3) Golden Delicious apples, sliced and dipped in creamy peanut butter. Kid snack, best snack.

    • nonnuclearmaven 11 months ago

      I love the Dollop too!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      Oh Face Blur sounds great – I love any kind of blurring face product. Makes me look all airbrushed.

  3. nonnuclearmaven 11 months ago

    I’ve been using the free download of the Best Self Journal and it has the same principle as Long Day, no white space! It’s working pretty well for me.
    I’m using Hours to track how much I’m working on specific tasks for uni.
    Loving Colourpop Lippie Stix! bonus for cruelty free

  4. Deb 11 months ago

    How good is Dr Bronner’s Soap? I have used Lemongrass Lime Pump Soap for ages and have only recently branched out to try Peppermint. They are both luscious 🙂

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      I cannot get enough of it. I use it for everything – and it comes in such awesome giant bottles. I’ll never run out of it!

  5. Simone 11 months ago

    I really miss your “Why don’t you…?” posts!!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      It’s so weird people say they like them but hardly anyone reads them and no one comments on them. It’s bizarre!

  6. Lauren Cass 11 months ago

    I’m super intrigued by the Dr Bronner’s soap given I’m travelling at the moment. Did you use a seperate conditioner though??

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      I took one but didn’t use it – my hair is quite soft and squishy in humidity so I didn’t really need it! Def need it in a dryer climate though but I pack it those go tube silicone travel bottles. They’re great!

  7. Reannon 11 months ago

    Podcasts! I seriously can’t get enough & have one going almost constantly.
    Running- who knew?!
    Whatsapp convos with my girlfriends- I have a few group chats & we all record voice messages. It’s such a fun, easy way to keep in touch.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      Which podcasts are you into? I love new recommendations!

  8. Missy D 11 months ago

    PepperJack – one of my regular go to wines. 🙂

    Facials: Well, I got a facial for the first time ever on the weekend (because someone gave me a birthday voucher) and I’m am AMAZED by what it’s done for my skin in only one visit. I will now be making this a regular monthly or bi-monthly activity. Especially now now I’m the other side of mid-30s.

    Skin products: I’m also loving Dermalogica face products, they’re beautiful. Expensive, but they also last a long time as you don’t need to use much.

    Podcasts: I just started listening to a new podcast called ‘By the Book’, where they read a self-help book, try it out and report back. It’s super funny. But sporadic, which just makes me sad to wait, but I guess it takes time to read and do these things.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 10 months ago

      I had a facial at a hotel in Jakarta and it was awesome. I don’t do them regularly enough. I adore Dermalogica – there’s a rice scrub they do that’s like a dry powder and it’s out of this world.

      By the book sounds great! Kind of similar to Straight & Curly! 🙂

  9. Reannon 11 months ago

    Lately it’s been Conversations with Richard Fidler, Sydneys Writers Festival, The Unbeatable Lightness of Being Hungry ( the host is pretty shit, she just seems to ask her questions but doesn’t engage with the answers but the people she interviews are great!), The Real Food Reel & Science Vs. I love typing in a subject or person & seeing what podcasts get suggested on Apple.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 10 months ago

      Me too! Cruising the podcast store is a great time spend for me. Although I really can’t go past sure crime. I try to branch out but I always go back to true crime.

  10. Kat 10 months ago

    Finally someone who shares my thoughts on Pinot Noir! ? Though your explanation is much better than anything I’ve come up with! I’ll have to check out this Pepper Jack and see if it’s available in the states… love me a good Cab.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 10 months ago

      I’m pretty sure it’s an Aussie wine but you might be able to get it somewhere. It’s so good. Pinot is just a waste of time in my opinion. 🙂

  11. Jodie S 10 months ago

    Aussie wines are cheaper at Costco in the states than they are here!

  12. Rani 10 months ago

    Dr Bronners peppermint toothpaste is the bomb! Which is lucky cos I love myself a glass or 2 of Pepperjack ??

  13. Fiona 10 months ago

    Seriously Carly, how do you manage to write 4 blog posts in a day? Would love some insight into your process!

    As for what I’m loving…
    – coconut oil – like you with your soap, I’m finding more and more uses for it. Esp good for my dry hair though.
    – podcasts: “Happier with Gretchen Rubin”, “The Startup Chat”, “Masters of Scale”, “Freakonomics Radio”, and of course “Straight and Curly”
    – yoga – it took me a long time to get into it and find the styles I like but now I’m loving Bikram and Vinyasna yoga. I think because they are both quite demanding physically I can’t actually think about anything else do they serve as a kind of meditation for me

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