9 New Year Resolution Ideas for 2017

9 New Year Resolution Ideas for 2017
Carly Jacobs

kay I know what you’re thinking – It’s the 1st of February. A bit too late for New Year resolution ideas right?


January is the worst time to set New Year resolutions. It’s a holiday period with lots of food, drinking, travel and that general feeling of not quite knowing who you are or what you do with your life. You know how you wake up on Monday between Christmas Day and New Year and you can’t remember what your real life is like? As disciplined and ready as you may feel to tackle the new year head on, in my experience, no one else is ready. I feel like January is a bit of write off every year so I like to start my proper resolutions in February.

If you’re ready to your goals on, here are a few New Year resolution ideas to get you start.

new year resolution ideas

1. Choose a word, not a resolution 

I’m a part of a few business masterminds and there’s this lovely trend of people choosing a word for the year rather than a resolution. A friend of mine has chosen ‘shine’ as her word to encourage herself to get out from behind her computer, enter awards and take praise as it comes to her which is something she really struggles with. Another friend has chosen ‘balance’ to remind her to leave work on time and to stop compromising her health for her career.

My word for this year is ‘hustle’. It’s a reminder that I’m in a foundation stage of life building at the moment and I need to prioritise that.

Have a think about what word might be your word this year and set it as your intention. You might even like to have it printed as art work and hang it on your wall so you’re constantly reminded about what your focus for the year is.

2. Choose an identity, not an action 

Try ‘I will be the type of person who exercises everyday’ rather than ‘I will exercise everyday’. By applying your resolution as a personality trait rather than an action that needs to be ticked off every day, it will re-frame your resolution as not-negotiable rather than an action that’s optional.

new year resolution ideas

3. Set resolutions for yourself and no one else

Losing weight, quitting smoking and saving for a house are all great resolutions but you’re not going to be able to stick to them unless you want to achieve them. You can’t stick to a good habit unless you want to, so make sure it’s something you really want to achieve rather than something your parents, siblings or partner wants for you.

4. Have a positive attitude

You know the song A Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins? This should be your anthem for your New Year resolutions. A positive attitude makes all the difference. Try not to set resolutions that you’re going to resent – frame it in a positive way so you’re not feeling deprived or grumpy about your goals. No one likes grumpy goals.

new year resolution ideas

5. Choose just one thing

One mistake a lot of people make when setting New Year Resolutions is they try too hard to do too many things. Saving money, focusing on career, moving house – it’s all too much. Pick one thing. Regular exercise or salad every day. Focus on that one thing and you’ll dramatically increase your chances of success.

6. Pick a start date

There’s no rule that says you have to start your New Year resolutions on the first of January. I feel like any time before March qualifies and any time after that is still an amazing time to make resolutions. Don’t get hung up on resolutions being January specific. Pick a date and start then.

7. Don’t panic of you can’t think of anything

Resolutions are not compulsory and if you can’t think of anything – have a year off! If you’re generally pretty satisfied with life and you want to cruise for a bit – bloody well do it. Take advantage of your happy life and current satisfaction and roll with it. You lucky thing.

new year resolution ideas

8. Have a failure back up plan

If you stuff up your New Year resolutions, have a plan for getting back on the horse. It might be a case of starting again, re-working the plan or totally changing direction. Have a little plan in your head in case things go south. The path to achievement is never a straight line, so just chill and re-boot if things don’t go the way you thought it would.

9. Be extremely specific

Put numbers on it. Pick how many times a week you’re going to exercise, choose how much money you’re save each month and put a number on how many of your dream jobs you’re going to apply for this year. Numbers don’t lie so use them to set your solid goals.

This week on Straight & Curly, Kelly and I are talking about resolutions. How to set them and how to keep them!

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Do you have any New Year resolutions for 2017? What’s your focus for this year?

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  1. Missy D 6 months ago

    I agree that people put too much pressure on January as the change month. While my January definitely was far from being a ‘holiday’ month (I spent it working 13 hour days and being on-call after hours), I also allowed myself January to just not stress about how the new year was starting yet. February is a much more sensible month. 🙂

    My goals for the year: health and savings.


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