How To Fake Being A Morning Person When You’re Really Not A Morning Person

Full disclosure – I’m not a morning person or a night person. I can get up early but it’s a struggle and I can stay up late but that’s also a struggle. I generally sleep from midnight to 7am and that’s about perfect for me. I sleep a bit later on the weekends for a bit of a catch-up.

I know someone who’s NOT a morning person. Mr Smaggle. He SUCKS first thing in the morning. Watching him wake up is painful. It’s like watching a baby lizard clumsily hatch out of his egg and experience the world for the first time. A quick shower and coffee get him going but before then he’s pretty bloody useless.

I don’t think you can make yourself a morning if you’re not one. Some people are creatures of the night. However, if you want to function in society, you’re going to have to be awake and using words in the morning at some stage in your life.

If you’re really not a morning person, here are a few things that may well help you fake it.

not a morning person

Avoid using your phone for the first hour after you wake up

I’ve totally banned my phone from the bedroom. I set my alarm and leave my phone in the lounge room to force myself to get out of bed to turn it off. I’m not allowed to bring my phone back to bed with me, otherwise, I waste the first 20 minutes of my day mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. I usually reset my alarm and have another ten-minute snooze, then I get up properly. A person who is happy to see the start of a new day, won’t waste the first 20 minutes of the day stuffing around on Facebook. Don’t let your phone steal your morning. Turn it on aeroplane mode and don’t touch it until you absolutely have to.

not a morning person

Turn on the lights and open the blinds the moment you wake up

When I first get up to turn my alarm off, I do a quick spin around the room, opening the blinds and turning on the lights. Then I have my ten-minute snooze, which isn’t a deep sleep because it’s too bright to doze off completely. After ten minutes, I feel right as rain to get up and start the day. If your house is dark and cozy in the morning it makes it very difficult to get out of bed. Don’t make your morning leap out of bed harder than it needs to be. When your alarm goes off, the lights go on. That’s the rule.

Actually go to bed early

Even if you’re not that tired, if you go to bed as early as possible it will make you much brighter in the morning. I used to wait until I was falling asleep on the couch before I went to bed but now I always go to bed at a designated time and read until I fall asleep. I try to get 8 hours of bedtime overnight. That doesn’t always equal 8 hours of sleep time but at least I know I’ve sufficiently rested enough if I’m in bed for that amount of time. Choose the hours you’re going to spend in bed each night – I usually do midnight to 7 or 8 am – and stick to it. Your body will start figuring out pretty quickly that those are your rest hours.

Invest in a wake-up light

Mr Smaggle and I bought a Phillips wake up light and it’s the best thing we’ve done. It makes getting up for the gym so much easier because it mimics the gradual light of the sun rising. We used to live in a rather dark apartment so, it became essential for us having a restful wake up in the morning. I know it sounds totally whack but it makes me less angry to wake up in the morning. It’s awesome. I also use it to go to sleep when I’m reading as it will gradually dim over time and I’ll be sleepy by the time it goes out.

Engage your pleasure centre

Plan something lovely for when you wake up in the morning. If I’m not going to the gym in the morning, I’ll often allow myself 20 minutes to sit and crochet while I listen to a podcast. It’s such a lovely and calming way to start the day and I’m always busting to get out of bed in the morning to get stuck into my project.

How do you cope with anxiety over things you can’t control? Any rad tips to share?

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    Carly Jacobs 2 years ago

    Oh my gosh 5am is so early! I can get up early but that’s way toooo early! Oh lord our sun rises so late! I go to the gym most mornings at 7 and it’s still bit dark on the way there.

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