So You Had Sex and Now She’s Pregnant. How is That Her Fault?

by Carly Jacobs
Image I was having lunch with some friends the other day and the conversation steered towards one night stands. One of my friends told us about her cousin who’s ‘life is over’ because of a one night stand where the girl said she was on the pill ‘but wasn’t’. Now he has to ‘hand over half of his paycheck’ every week until the kid turns 18 because of an ‘innocent Read the rest!
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Things You Really, Really Shouldn’t Say to Someone Who Just Got Engaged

by Fiona Dolan
A few weeks ago I wrote a post called Things You Apparently Shouldn’t Say To Someone Who Just Got Engaged. A writer friend of mine sent me through a rebuttal of things you REALLY shouldn’t say to someone who just got engaged and because she’s fabulous and I love a debate I thought I’d bung it up here for you gorgeous folk. Enjoy! My boyfriend proposed when we were on holidays last September Read the rest!

11 Adorable Made Up Words

by Carly Jacobs
A few years ago one of my mates was telling me a story and she said that she was ‘scrampling‘ for something and I was like ‘What the hell does scrampling mean?‘. Turns out it was one of those weird made up words that only means something to her family. It means to pat around on shelves in the dark looking for something. It really is the perfect word. It’s practically onomatopoeia. I re Read the rest!
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9 Observations from Re-watching Ghost Whisperer as An Adult

by Carly Jacobs
Okay. I’ve officially hit the rock bottom on Netflix. I’m over Dawson’s Creek now. Once everyone has dated everyone at least once all the magic disappears from the show. I’ve now moved on to Ghost Whisperer. It has the most shallow plot of any television show I’ve ever watched but for your entertainment, as well as my own, I’m going to dissect the storyline. Don’t feel like Read the rest!
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5 Creepy Ways to Guarantee Your Girlfriend Says ‘Yes’ When You Propose

by Carly Jacobs
With all this Valentine’s Day merriment upon us, my Facebook friends are predictably divided. There’s the F*ck Valentine’s Day crew who just dead set hate anything remotely related to Naked Archer Baby Day. Then there’s the Yay Puppy Sunshine Delicious Rainbows and Snuggly Blankets Valentine’s gang who have been peppering their walls with pinned tutorials of bubble gum pink cupcakes th Read the rest!
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Guilty Pleasures

by Carly Jacobs
Ever since I published my post called¬†31 things that women do when they’re alone I’ve been thinking about the perfectly sinful act of indulging ones guilty pleasures. Like eating breakfast food for dinner or watching your favourite shitty movie twice in one day. A friend of mine is a mother and her guilty pleasure is arriving at her child’s pre-school half an hour early and reading the news on he Read the rest!
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How Should I Get My Hair Cut This Afternoon?

by Carly Jacobs
So I’m braving a new hair salon this afternoon. I’ve had a massive struggle with finding a good curly hair cutter since my Regan left me. Regan was an artist. He’d hold my chin in his hands while his eyes glazed over and then he’d say ‘Darling… do you trust me?‘. I’d look him square in the eyes and say ‘I trust you!‘ and then he wouldn’t speak to me Read the rest!
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Why I Love Watching Hannah Horvath Have Sex on HBO’s Girls

by Carly Jacobs
There’s been a lot of talk in the past year or so about Lena Dunham’s nudity in the show Girls. Some people think it’s unnecessary, other people think it’s empowering and some people have actually said they think it’s disgusting.¬†Personally, I think it’s awesome. When I was growing up, I rarely saw girls anywhere on TV or in magazines that looked like me. My weight has fluctuate Read the rest!
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12 Observations From Re-Watching Dawson’s Creek As An Adult

by Carly Jacobs
I was browsing through Netflix the other day and in the ‘suggested watching for Carly‘ section, Dawson’s Creek popped up. You nailed it Netflix. Well done. I’ve since had a constant loop of DC in the background as I go about my day. Here’s a list of things that I’ve noticed this time around that barely registered the first time I watched it. 12 Obversations From Re-Watching Dawso Read the rest!
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Things You Apparently Shouldn’t Say to Someone Who Just Got Engaged

by Carly Jacobs
I don’t know about you but I’m done with hearing about all the things we’re not supposed to say to certain types of people in certain situations. Like what we shouldn’t say to pregnant women, what we shouldn’t say to someone who’s lost a loved one, what we shouldn’t say to someone with depression, what we shouldn’t say to someone with a terminal illness. I understand Read the rest!