Personality Tests – Are They Useful or Total Rubbish?

Personality Tests – Are They Useful or Total Rubbish?
Carly Jacobs

’m not the biggest fan of personality tests because most of them are based on information you provide about yourself. This means there’s a lot of room for people to be pretty flattering about themselves or even to self sabotage. They can also be affected by your mood on the day you choose to fill them out – if you’re having a high confidence day you might get a different result than if you’re feeling a bit shit about yourself. They can be pretty helpful in allowing people to learn more about their responses to certain situations though. They can also have a placebo effect – for example if you’re a sensitive person and you do a personality test that identifies you as a sensitive person and it provides you with helpful ways of coping when you’re presented with a stressful situation then that can only be a good thing, right?

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Here are three popular personality tests you might like to try. Just make sure you don’t take your results as gospel. Always tread carefully with any kind of internet self diagnosis.

Myers- Briggs


Gretchen Rubin

Do the quizzes, figure out what you are and then listen to this week’s episode of Straight and Curly. The info we’ve found is fascinating and I’d love to hear your thoughts on personality testing in general.

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What do you think of personality tests? In to them? Or do you think they’re a bit pointless?


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