Photo A Day June – Part Three

Photo A Day June – Part Three
Carly Jacobs

From A Low Angle

#photoadayjune Day 12 - from a low angle. (and an angle I usually try to avoid)


One of my dearest friends painted this for me years ago and it’s called ‘Lady Smaggle‘. It’s one of my favourite possessions.

#photoadayjune day 13 - Art. Lady Smaggle miniature by my dear friend @gedjones 2009. One of my favourite things in the world.


I’m not sure how this guy managed to survive the massive possession cull when we moved house but he somehow made his way onto the new house’s balcony. How curious.

#photoadayjune Day 15 - Yellow.

Out and About

A very cold and rainy day in Melbourne.

#photoadayjune Day 15 - Out and About. A chilly Melbourne day spent in the city.

In My Bag

#photoadayjune In My Bag - normally packed in labelled zipper cases but all on display for you. #sigg water bottle, #nancybird wallet, #versace sunglasses and case, #neutrogena 70plus face sunscreen, 2 x #baggu zipper bags containing portable phone charge

Something You Didn’t Know About Me

I used to be a qualified watch technician (yes, I’m being serious) and I never, ever wear a watch.

#photoadayjune Something you don't know about me. I used to be a qualified watch technician. And I never wear a watch.

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  1. Hannah 6 years ago

    Lovely. I start this every month and then…stop. I still take iPhone and ‘real’ photos every da anyway but I would like to finish it just once! 🙂

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