21 Places To Shop Small For Christmas 2017

21 Places To Shop Small For Christmas 2017
Carly Jacobs

‘We can’t buy presents until we’re in Canberra for Christmas because they won’t fit in the car!’ 

The sentence that broke my heart.

I sold my car this year because it seemed excessive for a couple of inner city Melbourne dwellers who work from home to each own a car. Plus paying two lots of rego is just silly. It would have been WAY more sensible for us to keep MY car, a hatchback silver Getz that served me like a champ for over a decade. Alas, Mr Smaggle actually cares about cars and he has Smart Roadster that he plans on keeping for the rest of his life. So we’ve ended up keeping his matchbox sized car that barely fits fully grown people in it.

It’s a great little car but it’s extremely little. You kind of can’t fit anything in it, really. We each have a small, square gym style bag to pack our clothes in for long trips and there’s a small amount of space at my feet for a very modest bag of yarn for car crocheting. To be honest, I don’t mind it, it keeps me disciplined with my packing and we all know how much I love a capsule wardrobe. We even go camping in the little Roadster and it fits all out camping gear in it perfectly.

The one thing I hate though is not being able to pre-buy by Christmas presents. I like to have them bought, delivered, wrapped and packed up in bags by the 1st December. Mr Smaggle has taken that dream away from me this. Sob.

The first week in December marks panic stations for me for online shopping so I thought I’d put together a little guide of lovely places to shop small for Christmas 2017.

For those of you who drive grown-up sized cars…

1. Wanderlust Collective 

shop small

A cute store with lovely, boho style homewares.

2. Readings

shop small

The most beautifully curated bookstores in Australia. If you don’t know what to buy, grab a voucher. Best present ever.

3. Kiosk by Georgia Perry

shop small

A quirky little store full of funky and useful gifts.

4. One Girl Studio

shop small

Minimalist and modern homewares.

5. The Art of Tea Tasmania 

shop small

Artisan tea for anyone who loves a cuppa.

6. Mama Chomp

shop small

Gorgeous, home-baked treats delivered to your door.

7. Biome

shop small

An excellent store full of waste-free products.

8. Nourished Life

shop small

All natural beauty, homewares and clothing.

9. Able and Game 

shop small

Funky mugs, cards and stationery.

10. Third Drawer Down

shop small

Funky, designer and artistic gifts. Some cute stocking stuffers too.

11. Happy Valley

shop small

Excellent shop for men – lots of wallets, watches and dude accessories.

12. Ko Ko Ko Shop 

shop small

Cute kids wear and lovely minimalist jewellery.

13. Maison Blanche

shop small

Gorgeous hand poured candles.

14. Golden Biscotti

shop small

Clean and aesthetically pleasing homewares.

15. Each To Own 

shop small

Fabulous statement earrings.

16. Champagne Cartel 

shop small

Funky tees and totes.

17. Little Paper Lane

shop small

Beautiful stationery, diaries and notebooks.

18. Blush and Co

shop small

Rose gold jewellery.

19. Go To 

shop small

Cruelty-free, super simple skin care.

20. Styling You Shop 

shop small

Fashion and accessories.

21. The Jam Bandits 

shop small


Jam. Duh.


Please spare a thought for me on Christmas Eve-eve when I’m racing around the Canberra Centre trying to do all my Christmas shopping at the last minute. Everyone is so mean and grumpy at that time of year and I’d much rather be sitting in my mate’s backyard drinking beer. Sigh…

Where do you like to shop small? Link to your favourite small shop in the comments!

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  1. Claire 12 months ago

    Why not buy everything on line and have it shipped to family in Canberra. Just tell them they can’t open it, on pain of death.
    Happy Christmas to you.

  2. saara 12 months ago

    Any store in Hampton ??

  3. Kylie 12 months ago

    I’m with Claire.
    We’re driving from WA to QLD with a toddler and a dog in tow this year. I don’t need my daughter cracking into the presents or the puppy eating them so I’ve shopped online and had everything delivered. Now I’m just panicking about forgetting someone.

  4. Missy D 12 months ago

    Thanks for all the links – looking forward to Christmas shopping this year now I have time. 🙂

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