Stores Like ASOS Curve: 21 Alternatives You’ll Love

Stores Like ASOS Curve: 21 Alternatives You’ll Love
Carly Jacobs

When online shopping first became a thing, I was pretty obsessed with ASOS. Mainly because it was so cheap and they had free shipping to Australia. This was back when I worked with Browny and we’d have our packages sent to the office. We often ordered things together and then we’d close our office door and try on everything immediately. It was so much fun.

I don’t online shop that much anymore because the novelty has kind of worn off. I’m a much more organic shopper now. I tend to not go looking for a particular thing, I just try on things I like and if they look good I buy them. Occasionally I need to shop online if I’m going overseas and need an out of season item, but most clothing items I buy are bought in person.

Online shopping is great though – I love using my measurements to buy an item because I know it will fit rather than just aimlessly trying things on. If you’re a curvy online shopping lover who’s a bit fond of ASOS, this is the post for you.

1. Harlow 

Harlow is a great Aussie brand that caters for sizes 12 to 26. Their designs are quite trendy and youthful so if you’re a touch on the younger side, this is the shop for you.

2. Motto

Motto have great basics for all ranges and they go up to a size 18.

3. Olga Intimates

Olga Intimates are a plus size underwear company that cater for a variety of different fit issues.

4. Bohemian Curve

Bohemian Curve is part of Bohemian Traders and it’s a great place to find stylish, easy fit clothing that doesn’t look like a grandma designed it.

5. Bella Bodies

Bella Bodies sell shape wear and underwear for women of all sizes.

6. City Chic

A tried true classic, it’s a great place to buy reliable, stylish plus size clothing.

7. Adrift 

Adrift sells comfy, easy, beachy style clothes.

8. Premme

Premme is a funky brand collab between Gabifresh and Nicolette Mason. I’ve been following these girls for years and I think they’re outstanding. Their collection is awesome.

9. SimplyBe

Another great youth focussed brand for curvy ladies who like to show a little skin.

10. Melissa McCarthy

Curvy fashion designed for curvy people BY a curvy person.

11. Female For Life

Female For Life was a sponsor of Smaggle many years ago and I’ve loved her stuff ever since. Their gym gear is freaking awesome. I’ve had these leopard edged tights for years and I love them.

12. Rue107

I only just discovered this place recently but how gorgeous is it?

13. NJYD Jeans

These are classic, particularly if you have trouble getting jeans that fit. You can get them at Birdnest, one of my favourite ever shops.

14. Sequins and Sand 

I bought a swimsuit from these guys a while a ago and it’s great. Their one shoulder swimmers are so, so good.

15. Eloquii

This place is also a new discovery but I love the flattering cuts. It’s like they design clothing for curvy women, they don’t just up-size existing clothes.

16. Elvi

This is probably my favourite of the bunch. Gorgeous, classy designs.

17. Boo Hoo

Boo Hoo do proper teen style clothing which I love.

18. Monif C

This shop is awesome, so funky and colourful.

19. Lane Bryant 

This is a classic American staple but they have some seriously excellent stuff.

20. Torrid

Another youth focussed brand with trendy stuff for the youngens.

21. Mod Cloth

Mod Cloth recently made their clothing range go up to a 4xl. Legends.

What are your favourite online stores? Spill!

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  1. Missy D 11 months ago

    Loved that post about you and Browny – before my time – what work were you doing together?

    Thanks for all the recommendations, guess I’ll be online shopping this weekend! I still like online shopping, but I do hate the process of waiting for the order, then getting it home, trying it on, returning it, waiting for the refund to be processed etc.

    My favs are Birdnest and Modcloth too, I’ve actually never tried ASOS. But other stores I love that are not necessarily exclusively online stores: Dogstar (a Brisbane designer who expanded her stores to Fitzroy a couple of years ago), Maiocchi, and Running Bare is good for active wear.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 10 months ago

      We worked in an English language centre running tests for people who want to work and live in Australia. It was really fun. I liked it! I’m the same and I’m so lazy with returning things. They tend to just sit around my front door.

  2. Jay 11 months ago

    Hey, this is super helpful, thanks! I wondered if you could share your experiences of shopping and return costs, and delivery timeframes? Any standouts? I use ASOS because of the free shipping and free returns – so easy.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 10 months ago

      I haven’t shopped at a lot of these places but I know Birdsnest is rad. Their customer service is out of this world.

  3. Kathryn OHalloran 11 months ago

    Your link for Harlow goes to Modcloth!

    I got some stuff from Universal Standard this week. They go up to size 28 and have some great basics. The fabric and cut is fantastic.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 10 months ago

      Whoops! Thanks for the Universal Standard recommendation – they look great!

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