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STYLE STEALER: How To Dress Like Emily Fields From Pretty Little Liars.

by Carly Jacobs
I’ve recently become hideously addicted to Pretty Little Liars. And by hideous, I mean sitting bolt up right in bed at 2am, with blood shot eyes desperately clutching my iPad. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s not the most cerebral television series I’ve ever watched but it’s strangely enthralling. In order to justify the hours I’ve spent watching this show in the past month I Read the rest!

Daily Outfit – Cream Dress and Giant Hoop Earrings.

by Carly Jacobs
* Dress from Veronika Maine (circa 2010) * Shoes from Zomp * Bag made by my gorgeous reader Tina based on this bag from Design Sponge *Sunglasses from The Cancer Council * Earrings from India* Bangles from India, Vietnam and gifts from Mama Smaggle * Charm bracelet 18th birthday gift from my parents * Silver Celtic bracelet graduation gift from my parents * Watch from Daniel Wellington ** Dermalogica Matte S Read the rest!

Daily Style – Red One Shoulder Number and Strappy Flatforms

by Carly Jacobs
One shoulder red dress from ASOS – Men’s watch from Daniel Wellington* – Damas Camper shoes (this style is no longer available but they make new versions with the same sole design every year.) – Silver bangle from Mama Smaggle for my birthday – Hoop earrings from India (Kelly found them and practically hurled them at my head knowing they were just what I was looking for! xxx)Dermalo Read the rest!
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How To Prevent Your Tired Skin From Looking Like Badly Poached Chicken.

by Carly Jacobs
I must apologise for my lack of written posts recently. This week has slammed me in a major way, thus rendering me completely incapable of doing anything except for swimming up a metaphorical stream like a salmon whacked on speed, falling into bed, not being able to sleep and then spending all night filling theoretical shopping carts on Net-A-Porter. HOWEVER… I’m not writing this to play the ‘NO O Read the rest!