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How You Can Eat Chocolate Without Gaining Weight

by Carly Jacobs
ImageĀ  Let’s be honest here. Chocolate isn’t exactly part of a healthy weight loss plan. Especially if it’s very, very excellent chocolate like macadamia milk or a Crunchie bar that makes it impossible to eat a sensible serving size. It’s no fun to go through life without ever treating yourself so here’s a little guide to help you enjoy chocolate every day without ruining your diet. H Read the rest!
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Oh Yeah and Hell No!

by Carly Jacobs
Image Oh Yeah * Our little cat friend Twiggy from next door who comes to visit. I think Mr Smaggle is in love. * Making homemade affogatos with espresso, wafer sticks, decadent vanilla ice cream Grand Marnier. * Downton Abbey. I could listen to Maggie Smith’s quippy one liners all day. * Sending packages in brown paper envelopes decorated with washi tape. * Finding my favourite NARS blush when I thought I Read the rest!