How to Get Dressed When You Have No Effing Idea What The Weather Is Doing.

by Carly Jacobs
I’m a Melbourne gal so I’m more than used to being slightly uncomfortable when it comes to temperature. Most of the time actually. I’ll be freezing cold so I’ll rug up and then the sun will come out so I’ll strip off. Then I get rained on. Then it gets windy. The list goes on. I always struggle towards the end of winter so I’ve come with a little system of coping when the weather Read the rest!

Daily Outfit – Cream Dress and Giant Hoop Earrings.

by Carly Jacobs
* Dress from Veronika Maine (circa 2010) * Shoes from Zomp * Bag made by my gorgeous reader Tina based on this bag from Design Sponge *Sunglasses from The Cancer Council * Earrings from India* Bangles from India, Vietnam and gifts from Mama Smaggle * Charm bracelet 18th birthday gift from my parents * Silver Celtic bracelet graduation gift from my parents * Watch from Daniel Wellington ** Dermalogica Matte S Read the rest!

Stuff That I Wore – 12/07/2012

by Carly Jacobs
* Dress from the Country Road outlet about 6 years ago. I rarely wear it because it crinkles like a bitch but today I decided to go with it. * Tights from Coles * Shoes from Melissa * Earrings are by House of Baulch at Alegorie – They’re having a MAJOR sale at the moment so warm up your credit card * Darling nail polish in Air Head* Stila eyeliner pen * Natio Blush Rose Palette * Lipstick Queen Liptrop Read the rest!

Daily Style – Writing, designing and packing.

by Carly Jacobs
Today was spent writing, designing and (thinking) about packing for my trip to Canberra. * Jeans from Jag (I just had one of my favourite readers Nadist comment on how much she loves my devotion to dresses and skirts and I’ve worn jeans twice this week! For shame.) * Dress thrifted from Salvos (at least I wore a dress with the jeans both times!) * Scarf Smaggle Made* Nude flats from Trennery * Cardigan fr Read the rest!

Virgo Earrings – Daily Style

by Carly Jacobs
Today was so busy that I hardly had a minute in my lunch break to post my daily outfit. I’m off to pilates and then rehearsal tonight. Only four days until we are on! Eek! * White dress from Tree of Life * Black cardi from SES * Black elf boots from Target * Coin necklace from Poppy Smaggle * Black head wrap sash from thrifted dress * Virgo earrings from Girlprops Love Lady Smaggle xxx Read the rest!
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