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A Short and Slightly Weird Review of The Les Mis Movie.

by Carly Jacobs
Image I very rarely talk about anything extremely niche like this but my Twitter and Facebook friends would know that I’m a bit nutty about Les Mis the musical. I’ve seen many different productions of it including professional, amateur, West End and Broadway. I played a prostitute (although NOT a Lovely Lady – why the director would cast me as a prostitute in Les Mis and not put me in Lovely Ladie Read the rest!

4 Things That Everyone Needs to Start Saying Correctly.

by Carly Jacobs
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5 Life Myths That I Learned From The Tanners on Full House.

by Carly Jacobs
5 Life Myths I Learned From Full House. from Smaggle on Vimeo. I tried to write about this but it just wasn’t working so I made a vlog about it instead. It’s a total piece of shit but I’m crazy proud of it because I filmed, edited and made it be watchable ALL BY MYSELF… and with a little bit of help from Google… but basically ALL BY MYSELF!!! Just a warning, I swear a bit in the video Read the rest!
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Learn how to make chicken lentil stew with Smaggle Cam.

by Carly Jacobs
My man has a fancy new toy. It’s a Gopro camera and I’ve been watching him play with it for weeks, dying to get my hands on it. Last week, he sent it up in to the air attached to a bunch of balloons. Observe.I wanted in on all the camera fun so I decided to cook dinner while wearing it strapped to my head last night and it’s insanely cool. Beware. This vlogging shit is about to get serious. I Read the rest!