9 Things I Used To Hate… But Now I Love

9 Things I Used To Hate… But Now I Love
Carly Jacobs

Do you ever have those moments in life where you find yourself doing something you never, ever thought you’d do?

I had one the other day when I ordered a glass of red wine. I’ve been drinking red for more than a decade now but there was once a time when I couldn’t think of anything worse to drink. When I was about 20 years old, I drank rarely but when I did, I drank alco-pops or vodka and diet coke. Anything to make the alcohol not taste like alcohol. I should have just left myself hating wine but like the trooper I am, I persevered and now I have a very sophisticated palette for the stuff meaning I will drink any and all wine, most of the time.

This got me thinking about all the other stuff I used to hate and now I love and I thought it would make a bloody good blog post. Enjoy.

Things I used to hate but now I love…

1. Sci-fi  

True crime, crappy romance, young adult fiction, drama, thriller, action. I’d read or watch almost anything in any genre when I was growing up except sci-fi. The second you put me in space, I’m out. Not interested. I was interested in actual space but fake space with aliens and spaceships  just didn’t appeal to me. I didn’t grow up on the steady 80s kid diet of weekly Star Wars viewings like other kids my age. I only watched the first (fourth?) Star Wars movie a few years ago and I’ll be perfectly honest, I didn’t love it so my exposure to sci-fi was on the light side. It wasn’t until a few years ago that Mr Smaggle sat me down and forced me to watch Firefly that I understood the true beauty of the sci-fi genre. I now voluntarily watch Star Trek (which I love) and I won’t immediately change channels if I stumble upon a show with a space craft in it. I’m growing as person. Can you tell?

2. Cream 

Hated the stuff. If I was having pavlova, I’d ask for it without cream. If I ordered dessert and it came with whipped cream, I’d grumpily scrape the cream off making sure to not leave even a smidge on my precious dessert. Sour cream? Forget it. Hated the stuff. Earlier this year I tried the LCHF diet (I’m not strictly doing it anymore) and weirdly out of nowhere I started to like cream in all its forms. What kind of weird sorcery is this? I blame whipped cream with berries. That’s what really sealed the deal.

things I used to hate

3. Video games 

I never really hated video games but growing up with an older brother made it difficult to get a turn on whatever game console we had in our house so it just wasn’t really on my radar. Mr Smaggle and his brother play video games but most of the time I read a book or watch something on the iPad while they play. I’ve always liked Mario Kart and any platform games, you know the flat style ones where you run across the screen? Like Donkey Kong. I’d tried to play those fancy new fangled ones where it’s all 3D but I couldn’t stop running into walls. Mr Smaggle slowly persevered and now I quite enjoy a cheeky evening of video games. In fact I’ve completed two games this year – Inside and Until Dawn. Both are incredibly terrifying which I think was part of the appeal. I’m also slowly playing Zelda and I completed a ‘dungeon’ and killed a ‘boss’. I’m totes a gamer now. I might start filming myself playing and become like a lady version of Pew Die Pie. I know my genre of video games though. They need to be completely adorable like Yoshi’s Wooly World or totally terrifying like Until Dawn. There’s no in-between for me.

4. Popular music 

I never thought I’d be listening to what the cool kids are listening to but Apple Music has just opened a whole world of new tunes for me. It’s awesome, I have it on in the back ground as I work and the app is getting smarter and suggesting things it thinks I would like. I really think I needed a sophisticated algorithm to pick my music for me. It’s working very well. I like The Chemical Brothers and Propellerheads for when I work. It’s really get shit done kind of music.

things I used to hate

5. Kirsten Dunst 

I try not to put down other people, even celebrities (unless they’re in a terrible but fabulous TV show, then all bets are off) but there was just something about Kirsten Dunst that rubbed me up the wrong way. I used to avoid films she was in. To be clear, it was my weird thing. She’s perfectly fine, she just annoyed me for some reason. In the last few years, she’s gone from being someone I kind of tolerated to someone I fucking adore. She was amazing in Fargo, and I’ve even started loving her in films I previously didn’t like her in. Go figure. Public take back and apology on anything negative I’ve ever said about Kirsten Dunst. I love you girl.

6. Pinterest 

As a blogger you need to be on all the social media and doing all the things and that includes Pinterest. Unfortunately, Pinterest just didn’t make any sense to me. It seemed so passive just pinning other people’s stuff. I couldn’t see the point. Until I started crocheting. Now, I love it. I’ve heard of people hating Pinterest until they plan a wedding so I have a theory that in order to ‘get’ Pinterest you need something really niche to get you over the line.

One caveat with my love of Pinterest though is that it has destroyed the Google search function. I might search for ‘crochet dress pattern’ and the first ten results are all from Pinterest and none of the images lead to an actual pattern. Pinterest is very pretty but it’s kind of useless if you want proper information without clicking through a billion links to get to it.

things I used to hate

7. Wine 

Note the first paragraph. There was a time in my life where I thought vodka and diet coke was preferable in taste to a cab sav. I don’t even know who that person is anymore. These days, I’d ever ruin a delicious diet coke by putting vodka in it. Blasphemy.

8. Doing nothing on the weekend 

It used to send me into a full on panic. This is one of the reasons why I over commit to things all the time because I like to be busy. Now? I love doing nothing on the weekend, in fact I often plan my weekends like that.

9. Mending things 

I used to put it off, and put if off but now I like nothing better than settling on the couch with a glass of wine and my sewing kit and fixing up all the buttons that have fallen off my dresses and tacking up those fallen seams. I think this one in particular has a lot to do with buying higher quality clothing and owning less stuff. I only have a small wardrobe that I really love so mending things is all a part of the process these days.

things I used to hate

Things I still hate…

1. Kettlebells 

Hate kettlebells and most gyms have spent the last decade worshipping them. Weights are fine but kettlebells totally throw off my balance and I swear they’re labelled incorrectly. I can easily squat holding 10kg weights but 10kg kettlebells? Forget about it.

2. Showering 

Still hate them. So boring.

3. Music festivals 

Still no desire at all to go to one. Although with my new found love of popular music, I may have to attend one eventually if I want to see my fancy new favourite bands.

Do you have anything you used to hate and now you love? Or anything you’ve always hated and still hate?

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  1. I love this post! Mostly because you also hate showering. Everyone thinks I am weird for this but they are soooooo boring and I totally put off having them and then have a 2 min special. No one showers faster than me. I am a showering ninja.

    • Sally 9 months ago

      I also hate showering! I always listen to a podcast or an audiobook while I’m in there. It makes it so much better!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 months ago

      Showers are SO BORING. I’m also a mega fast showerer. I have shit to do man! I can’t waste time in here. Once I’m clean, I’m out. You can’t get cleaner than clean.

  2. Daisy 9 months ago

    I hate showering. I hate showering and washing my hair even more. But the only thing that is worse is not showering.

    What is the latest on your hair care regime?

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 months ago

      Oh my god so much stuff… I have to do a whole lot of filming and stuff but I’ve got some good tips! I hate washing my hair too but only because it takes days to dry. I only wash my hair once a week and it’s probably only dry for about 24 hours of that time.

  3. Lisa Fourman 9 months ago

    I’m right with you on the kettlebells. Those suck! I rather enjoy doing nothing on the weekends even though I’m a total workaholic. I get bored easily so I usually have a book or two nearby. In this case, I have two within hand’s reach. I can relate with Daisy as well since I’m not a fan of showering either. The quicker I get out of the shower, the more time I can have doing other things. That’s just me, though.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 months ago

      I hate them so much they throw me off balance which I’m sure is the point but I’d rather use 5kg weights than 5kg kettle bells. So many shower non-fans. Bless my tribe. You guys really get me.

  4. Michaela 9 months ago

    Ewwww Pew Die Pie – if you ever do start a Youtube gaming channel, please don’t model yourself after that Nazi scum-lord. Might I suggest the energetic Jack Septiceye? The southern boy charm of Cinnamon Toast Ken? The smooth baritone and do-gooder Markiplier?

    Yeah,….I used to kind of dislike video games. Couldn’t understand why people played them, let alone WATCH other people play them. But I’m such a fan girl for a few Youtube gamers now. 🙂

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 months ago

      Oops! Totally missed all that – I was just using him as reference as someone who got super famous by filming himself playing video games. I like the sound of the ones you mentioned – will look them up! My partner is away with week and I’m finding myself wanting to play a game but I just don’t think it would be as fun on my own.

  5. Missy D 9 months ago

    I used to hate pumpkin for pretty much my whole non-adult life, but around 20ish (probably when I started living overseas) I started trying it again and I liked it.

    I’ve also always been a bit fan of red wine, but it’s only been in the last five years that I’ve started finding some white wines I like – very dry and crisp flavours… no fruity/sweet ones.

    I’ve always hated rose` wines and think I always will. Same for cream… and, controversially, pavlova. Too sweet.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 months ago

      So many people hate pumpkin. I wasn’t fan when I was little but I like it now. I’m actually going to ask that on Smaggle I think… pumpkin is coriander style thing I think. I love rose! It’s my summer drink. The only wine I don’t like is pinot noir. It’s not red enough.

  6. Sammy 9 months ago

    I’m the same as Missy D about pumpkin! Hated it as I was growing up. As an adult, it’s a huge fave. I also now love mushrooms when I wouldn’t touch them as a kid.

    Once upon a time I hated dresses and being girly. Now it is all I wear and I love them… and the colour pink! Go figure.

    Your previous feelings about Kirsten Dunst are how I have always felt about Sophie Monk all the way back to her Popstars days for absolutely no reason. Maybe I should give her another chance?

    I too hate showering, but agree it is a must!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 months ago

      Mushrooms are a big one! Heaps of kids hate mushrooms. Oh you must give Sophie Monk another chance, she’s hilarious. I’m going hard on the Bachelorette this year. Go Sophie!

  7. Kelly 9 months ago

    I am weird – I love showering and my water bill unfortunately shows just how much. I also think kettlebells are rad but do get your point about them being harder than weights. On the rub me up the wrong way list is Sandra Bullock – strange how this happens. I can’t think of a single thing I used to hate but totally love now … the list of things that I hate but used to love is a lot longer.

    • Missy D 8 months ago

      I’m with you, Kelly re the showers. What’s with all the shower hating? How amazing is it to be under the water and soak off the stress of the day. I could stay there all day. ^_^

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 months ago

      Sandy B??? I LOVE Sandy B! It’s a weird inexplicable thing isn’t it? Have you seen The Blind Side? She’s bloody great in that.

      • Kelly 8 months ago

        Yes and I agree – she is bloody brilliant in that!!

  8. Steph 8 months ago

    I used to hate showering too but i love it now once I’m in there. I can’t pull myself out of a great warm shower
    I HATE washing my hair though

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