9 Amazing Life Lessons You Can Learn From a Bali Detox Retreat

by Carly Jacobs
 This post is sponsored by Luxury Retreats Bali A few weeks ago I jetted off to beautiful Bali for a 5 day detox retreat to review the experience for a client of mine. When she first asked to me come I jumped at the opportunity and immediately booked my flight. Then I started quietly freaking out about doing a detox. I had visions of myself bent over a toilet bowl for 5 days straight and rueing every mouthful of p Read the rest!
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What to Pack For Bali

by Carly Jacobs
It’s been a super busy week in Smaggle Land. Firstly, after 8 weeks of hard-core and flawless running training (seriously I didn’t even skip one session) I had to ditch my finale 10km run because I got struck down with the sleepy flu virus from hell on the same day my monthly friend came to visit. So the only activity I’ve been fit for this past week has been moaning on the couch in the foetal pos Read the rest!
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How To Get Upgraded On Your Next Flight

by Carly Jacobs
I have never, ever been upgraded on a flight before and it really pisses me off. It’s like being picked last for sport. Which happens to me with more regularity. Also I fly a lot, heaps more than almost anyone I know, so it’s a statistical anomaly that it’s never happened to me. It seems like every person I’ve met has been upgraded at least once. I’ve been quizzing people for years a Read the rest!

9 Tips for Travelling In Singapore

by Carly Jacobs
I’ve been to Singapore about 20 times in my life but until about a month ago I’d never even left the airport. That’s not too surprising though because Changi Airport is like Disneyland for grown ups. You can get your feet eaten by fish, visit the pretty butterflies, shop until it hurts and there’s sushi EVERYWHERE. However on the recommendation of everyone who’s actually been there, I Read the rest!
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On Moving to New York City.

by Elise Phillips
One of the things I have always admired about Carly is that she is brave. Or rather, she seems brave, even if she might not feel it, and you gotta fake it til you make it. You know that, obviously, since you’re a Smaggle reader and you love her as much as I do. When Carly asked me to write something for Smaggle, I had to think long and hard about what I would say. Carly and I share a love of New York City, and a Read the rest!
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MELBOURNE: The 5 Shows I’m Dragging My Butt Off The Couch For This Week.

by Carly Jacobs
I woke up today and realised that I’m booked nearly every night this week seeing something fabulous. I thought I’d give you a quick run down of what’s on in Melbourne this week so you don’t miss out! I haven’t actually seen any of these things yet (except Swampy Sundays) but I hate when people write about how fabulous a show was after it’s over and I can’t see it anymore, s Read the rest!

I Practically Birthed A Sting Ray.

by Carly Jacobs
Sometimes life just hands you some cool shit and you can’t quite believe that it happened. I’ve just spent the last four days in the Whitsundays with the other Remarkables for a work conference. It means that I ate food, drank wine, got ferried around to tropical paradise after tropical paradise and somehow managed to call it work. Here’s a few happy snaps from the trip. Whitehaven Beach or as Read the rest!

India Day 6 – Badass Bitches and A Moment of Pure Clarity.

by Carly Jacobs
Day 6 was amazing. We traveled to the outskirts of Bilaspur to visit a village that was home to a Women’s self-help group. They completely abolished gambling and alcoholism in their village. They were opinionated, bossy, lively, hilarious and spirited. Total badasses. We loved them.  Eden posing in the village. See the water buffalo in the back ground? Yeah, it turns out they were coming to kill us. We shr Read the rest!
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India Day 5- Organic Farming and The True Beauty of India.

by Carly Jacobs
On day 5 we visited an organic farming community near Balispur. Went I was first told we were going to a farming community I was like why? What’s that got to do with poverty? I’m so naive it’s ridiculous. It turns out that many people live in city slums because they had to leave their farming villages because of failed crops. Basically they run out of money and have to pack up and leave their beau Read the rest!

India Day Four – We Found Porn In The Worst Hotel In The World.

by Carly Jacobs
Day four of our trip was easily the worst. I’m trying really hard to not complain and sound like a princess but it was really, really awful. We had a 4.30am start to catch a plane that didn’t leave until 8am and we were 20 minutes from the airport. Yes. You read that correctly. 3 hours wait time for a simple domestic flight. Sam (World Vision India coordinator and our lovely guide for our trip) says tha Read the rest!