5 Weird Things That Turn Me On

5 Weird Things That Turn Me On
Carly Jacobs

I was sitting on the couch and Mr Smaggle came sauntering out of the bedroom in fitted grey pants with a tucked in white shirt. A tan belt sit snugly on his hips and he spun around in front of me so I could see him at all angles.

‘Do I look okay?’ He asked.

Honestly? I think he’s fucking gorgeous and I always have. He’s tall and slender with strawberry blonde hair and a spectacular ginger beard. He stands up very straight and has beautiful posture for a tall man. He’s also got the peachiest little bum that I just can’t stop squishing. When he had nose surgery last year for his breathing issues the very blunt surgeon asked if he could ‘take care’ of the bump in his Roman nose. Mr Smaggle politely declined, thank goodness. His nose is spectacular and I’ll not have anyone messing around with it. My heart still skips a beat when see him walking towards me in the street, even when he’s wearing his daggy running shorts.

As Mr Smaggle modelled this outfit, I felt a little stirring in my loins. I don’t know why but I’ve always loved a pert bum in firm pants with a belt and tucked in shirt. Maybe it’s a thing I picked up from being a Catholic school kid and all my first crushes wore uniform grey pants and tucked in shirts. I told him he looked super hot and added ‘tucked in shirts and belts’ to my list of weird things that turn me on.

Mr Smaggle and I have been together for almost twelve years now and I honestly don’t check out other guys that often. My connection to people is never physical. People don’t really become beautiful or attractive to me until I know them properly. This is why I’ve never really had a physical ‘type’, and I don’t really notice ‘hot’ guys in the street. I need at least a hello and a smile before I find someone attractive. Is anyone else like that?

It does’t happen often but occasionally I’ll see a man do something and I get a little tingle in my nether regions. Here are a few culprits that get me nearly every time…

Weird things I find attractive in men.

1. Floppy fringes 

Long hair has never been my bag but if I happen to stumble upon someone who still has a Leonardo DiCaprio fringe from the 90s, I will stare at them until they flick it out of their eyes and then I will swoon for a million years.

Turn Me On

2. When they reverse cars and they put their arm on the back of the passenger seat as they look over their shoulder 

I can’t explain it but there’s just something about it. One of those weird glitch in the Matrix things I can’t explain. Does anyone find it hot when girls do this? I’d love to know.

3. Stong noses 

Most of the celebrities I have a  lady boner for have spectacular noses. Benedict Cumberbatch, Adrien Brody. You can’t really smoulder unless your nose game is solid. It’s a whole thing.

Turn Me On

4. When they’re kind to animals 

I met a big burly biker guy on the weekend who had the teeniest, tiniest little Italian greyhound dog. He was enormous and she was tiny and they LOVED each other. It was sexy as all hell. He had a big, grey beard and was wearing a leather jacket and his big arms were circled around this little dog and she would not stop looking at him. It was just gorgeous. I also love it when men are good with kids. It’s so sexy when a guy jumps up from the adults table at a party and plays a game of hide and seek with the kids.

5. Funky socks 

I don’t know why but I love a man in funky socks. Especially if they’re wearing a suit and then they sit down and their pants rise up a little and you cop a view of their silly socks. It’s like you’re getting let in on a secret.

What weird things turn you on?

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  1. Missy D 1 year ago

    Haha, I used to like the floppy fringe thing in the 90s, but not so much any more. I’m quite partial to a man bun or the high quiff. And men who read.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 12 months ago

      I can cope with a quiff. I don’t seek them out but I quite enjoy them!

  2. Emily Furlong 12 months ago

    When my husband says “thank you”, turns to me and grins when someone compliments him on his beautiful wife. Right then, right there I would take him. It doesn’t happen often because I don’t fit the societal norm of beauty, and when it does happen it’s generally another woman or an old man. But I’ll take it. His simple humble acceptance of the compliment, combined with a smile directed right at me that says he believes it to, but also that he is glad I was there to hear it….

    Or maybe it’s just that he’s a good man. Good men who care for those they love (and not in a materialistic way) and are just genuine. Maybe that’s what it is.

    Oh…. and his arms lol

  3. TJ 12 months ago

    Here are mine:
    1.I love it when my husband fixes or builds things. He is very clever that way and it totally turns me on.
    2. Kind person but in particular to animals and children
    3. A man who reads
    4. Someone who can make me laugh out loud. I find funny people sexy.

  4. Kim-Marie Williams 12 months ago

    I am quite fond of a little man belly on a tall strong man. Teamed with broad shoulders and good calves please. Calves really work for me but six packs don’t. They’re uncomfortable.

    My husband who is the only man who features in my fantasies (sad to some but true) would look ridiculous in a well groomed luxuriant beard / sharp combover fade combo but I find it compelling.

    I am with you on the tucked in shirt. I get a little flutter when my husband tucks his crisp shirt into his belted jeans for casual Friday. It reminds me of the country boys I grew up with. Plus he does fill out his jeans delightfully.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 12 months ago

      6 packs ARE uncomfortable! Mr Smags is really thin but he’s not pointy – it works well. That country boy look really is the gift that keeps on giving.

  5. Asmi Bajaj 12 months ago

    Its Weird though:)

  6. Kathryn OHalloran 12 months ago

    The reverse parking thing for sure 🙂 Guys who drive well in general are pretty hot.

    Asian guys with man buns. I don’t find them attractive on other guys but Asian guys do it well.

    Strong hand, oh my! Even better with a something like a plaited leather thong around the wrist.

    The animal thing is given 🙂 My sister and I were at a shopping centre and saw two huge biker guys. They looked like total badasses then they stopped outside the pet shop, squatted down and started talking baby talk to one of the puppies. I wouldn’t say it was hot but it was totally awesome.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 12 months ago

      I like it when guys are enthusiastic about stuff. So many men are taught to be tough and cool and I like it when men get giddy or silly about things.

  7. Michaela 12 months ago

    I find that I can be attracted to any gender but there are certain things I find more attractive on a feminine person versus a masculine person.

    For example, I love broad shoulders on a guy, long-ish hair (shoulder-length is good), dark and brooding eyes, but a wicked sense of humor and a subtle kind of kindness towards others.

    On a lass, I’m all about pretty eyes and red lipstick , curves, soft skin, the inside of a pale wrist, the arch of a foot in heeled shoes, quick wit and a killer smile.

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