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I love BB cream. I don’t even like to think about the wasted years of make up application I had before it existed. I’ve never liked hard core foundation for two reasons a) I’m an actor and have spent a good portion of my life with my face at least 2 shades darker than my body with the help of disgusting pancake stage make up and b) because I went to an all girls school in the late 90s when it was very fashionable to wear thick foundation over your whole face, including your lips, so you look like a terrifying featureless mannequin. In an effort to avoid that too-tanned, flat-faced look (circa 1998) I’ve been doing light coverage in the form of tinted moisturisers for most of my adult life. That is until BB cream was invented.

What is BB cream you ask? It stands for blemish balm or blemish base and is supposed to replace your standard serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock. I’ve tried about 6 different BB creams and I’m totally converted. They are the perfect mix of added illumination and light coverage that I love.

To cut a long story short, I’ve got Lancome wanting five of my gorgeous readers to trial their latest BB cream for them and provide feedback. Bonza right?

If you want to the chance to review this awesome product just tell me what your worst ever make up look was in the comments below.

I’ll pick my top 5 answers and they’ll get sent the product to try! You can also enter on twitter or facebook!

PS Please only enter if you have time to trial and provide feedback on the product and also you only have until Wednesday 10th October 5pm to enter! Go!


  1. Emma 5 years ago

    My worst make up look was, thankfully, done by somebody else and not me. Foundation that was far too dark for my fair complexion so I looked like a mandarine, and the mascara was so clumpy that I had trouble opening my eyes so looked drunk for most of the day!

  2. Katerina 5 years ago

    My worst makeup look was a few years ago when I experimented with blue eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick. I now think I was channelling the woman from the Drew Carey show. I learn from my mistakes thank goodness.

  3. Cass 5 years ago

    I’d love to try the Lancôme BB cream.. I’m a big fan of their foundation so would be very interested to compare it! I, sadly, was also a bit of a “foundation on the lips girl” back in the day.. Other faux pas included the classic nineties ultra matte lipstick in a delightful brown shade as well as the always attractive “light lipstick/darker lip liner” combo … Oh dear!

  4. RubySlypprz 5 years ago

    As a teen in the late 80’s, I sported a plethora of frightening facades which seemed perfectly normal then. Mood lipstick! Teal eyeshadow! But the real winner must be my brief flirtation with violet mascara….as an eyebrow enhancer. Whywhywhy didn’t anyone give me an intervention?

  5. Erin 5 years ago

    My worst ever make up moment was when I decided to do my make-up at age five. With permanent markers. Before my school photo.

  6. Ele Saclier 5 years ago

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who dabbled in a little black kohl pencil as lip liner? Either with a slick of clear gloss or red lipstick. Flattering beyond belief.

  7. Lavender 5 years ago

    How good is BB cream? I’m such a convert. Maybe because all the worst make up looks I can recall involve foundation fail. Too dark? done it. All over phone screen and collar of favourite shirt? done it. 90s foundation on the lips. Yep.

  8. Michelle Vamvas 5 years ago

    My worst make up look was during high school, when I decided to copy my friends and go for the ‘goth’ look. Not cool. So not cool!

  9. Steph 5 years ago

    My worst makeup look could, under different circumstances, have been fantastic. I was doing a play set in the 1930s and some students from the local makeup academy came to do our makeup for opening night. I was playing the innocent daughter and should have had cute bow lips and not much else in the way of makeup. The rest of the cast had their makeup done and all looked lovely. I was still sitting in the chair (no mirror in sight) amd beginning to worry that I’d miss the curtain. The 2 students doing my makeup obviously thought theatre makeup meant special effects makeup as, when they finally finished and I got a look in the mirror, they had given me sunken cheeks and eye sockets in bruised brown and grey. Terrifying, but, had I been appearing in the film clip for Thriller, totally awesome. As it was I scraped it off and hid in the dressing room until they left.

  10. Julie 5 years ago

    I only have to go back to last summer. And it wasn’t just one day last summer, or even a week last summer, probably more like months.
    You see I’m a 55 year old Remedial Massage Therapist that lives and works in Queensland, where it is hot and humid.
    Due to my skins age I can’t go without foundation, not on a work day anyway, and have tried all different brands, you should see my drawer in the bathroom. But they all seem to ‘slide’ off my face by the end of a sweaty day, that plus the melted mascara under my eyes makes me glad ( and probably my clients when they finally get to take their faces out of the face-rest) that the room has ‘soft’ lighting.
    I would love to trial Lancome’s BB Cream, and promise to give it through test in Australia’s northern humidity.

  11. Maddison Snook 5 years ago

    Oh my gosh, I’ve always wanted to try this stuff but never gotten around to it!

    My worst makeup look has got to be as a young teenager when I went through a stage in which I was absolutely convinced that glitter EVERYWHERE was the hot new thing. I had shimmer gloss stuff that I’d put on my cheeks, and would wear glitter eye shadow, glitter lip gloss, and glitter nailpolish. Thing is, for the most part the glitter just pooled on my face as the day went on and just ended up looking like sweat. Sooo disgusting. Haha.

  12. maddove 5 years ago

    My worst make up look has got to be the ” I didn’t know I was a drag queen, oh no I actually do have a vag” makeup I applied for my first ever ball. It was also the end of the 90’s and there is a great photo of me standing next to my beau ( who was chanelling a Duran Duran stand in) I was also a bit tipsy and my eyes a bit bloodshot. So vampire drag queen. Stunner!

  13. Heather Snodgrass-Brine 5 years ago

    Craft glue and glitter. I am not kidding. I was the undisputed queen of the “sparkly conjunctivitis” look! That quickly wore off when I tried to glue a rock out of my fishtank to my forehead, Gwen Stefani-stylee, and I pressed it on so hard I had an indented forehead for two days after. You couldn’t accuse me of being an undetermined child!

    I’ve (like to think) come a long, love way since those days…

  14. Adele 5 years ago

    Definitely during high school when I thought I could put foundation only on pimples. Spotty pimples covered by spotty orange dots of foundation = terrible.

  15. Jodi 5 years ago

    Oh Gosh – so many bad looks to choose from………….the worst so far would be the JET black almost blue hair, teemed with too pale foundation and lip liner darker than lip colour look………photographic proof too *sigh*

  16. Sally Fitzmaurice 5 years ago

    Worst make up look…green mascara. All the rage in high school. As well as purple & neon blue. Worst.

  17. Sarah Rooftops 5 years ago

    I’ve always been a make up coward – my mum didn’t wear any and the girls at school all had that clear line around the edge of their chin where their foundation ended and their totally different skin tone started – so I’ve never been brave and experimental enough to do anything shocking. I’d love to try the BB cream because it sounds like a less scary, more manageable way of evening out my skin tone and of protecting my skin from the sun without leaving it sticky and shiny.

  18. Alana 5 years ago

    My worst make up look was copying my mum’s grape lipstick choices as a 13 year old. What looks good on a brunette does not look good on a little blonde girl, particularly because it was the $2 shop kind. Has turned me off lippy for life!

  19. Ginger 5 years ago

    Two words: sperm eyebrows.

  20. Nessbow 5 years ago

    For a while I was really into frosted lipstick in unnatural shades, like ice blue and bright purple. I looked a wee bit zombie-esque

  21. Kirsten Smith 5 years ago

    Back in the late 80’s my mum sent me off to a Deportment School where they taught me to apply 3 vertical lines of eyeshadow from the eyebrow to the eyelid, in various shades of plum. It was very Joan Collins. Which is great if you’re actually Joan Collins and not a 14 year old girl about to catch the bus home. Thanks mum!

  22. Brenda 5 years ago

    I was once running late for a meeting with a client and had to apply my make-up in the car. I raced into the room, sat down and had the client have to tell me that I had forgot to rub the bit in on my forehead, I had used a foundation stick and had a big squiggle still on my head! Gawd – so embarrassed, can’t believe I managed to get to the end of the meeting. Client became a good mate of mine and we still laugh about it!

  23. Fi 5 years ago

    Powder blue eyeshadow extending out to the eyebrows, paired with pink lips and a whack of blush. Because it looked hot [in my mind] and matched my electric blue tights and cheap plastic belt. Cringe.

  24. Cassie 5 years ago

    All I can say is, self-tanner isn’t cute when you have semi-permanent drip marks on your skin.

  25. Kate Hogan 5 years ago

    I’d love to test one!
    My worst makeup look? In a foolish ’90s moment, deciding my mousy and un-plucked eyebrows must now match my newly-dyed jet black hair…
    Let’s just say, Thunderbirds are NO! 😉

  26. Malia 5 years ago

    When I was 12 I didn’t want to use tweezers on my naturally thick eyebrows. So I used hair removal foam. On one eyebrow. And then I had to paint it back on. With my mother’s kajal. If that doesn’t win my the BB cream I don’t know what would.

  27. Raquel 5 years ago

    Sigh. I was a teenage emo in the mid-00’s. I spent many years applying layers upon layers of black panda-style eyeliner, various awful shades of lipstick (plum! burgandy! black!) and a lot of white face powder. It all looked marvellous, obviously, with my hideous school uniform and spiky hair. Yum.

  28. Bianca 5 years ago

    I once self tanned my face. With a spray tan in a can. Oompa loompa, yes! It did not look good with the bright blue eyeshadow and red lips I had to have for a cheer competition!

  29. Melanie Lindner 5 years ago

    I was a teenager in the 80s – shouldn’t that tell you enough? No? Ok then, how’s about the various shades of black hair I had from ages 15-17 (yep, there are shades of black!) which went WONDERFULLY with my naturally pale palor; even better when coupled with of layers of kohl eyeliner, bushy brows a la Brooke Shields, and plum/matte red/deep cherry/black lipstick. Or how about multi-coloured shadow circa Cyndi Lauper, matched with blue mascara and frosted lips. Then there’s my obsession with white eyeliner, really really obvious white eyeliner. All over my eyes.
    So glad I grew up and found BB creams 🙂

  30. Jessie Morris 5 years ago

    Worst makeup look definitely has to be anytime I get sucked in to thinking I can pull off bold red lipstick…chicken lips anyone?!

  31. Ell_stylepot 5 years ago

    A few years ago I rocked up to school wearing my Mum’s foundation. Lots of it. It was a dark tan color – my skin is ivory. I had the line around my chin and everybody just starred at me as though I was an alien! The worst part? Nobody helped me out by suggesting I take it off! I really could have used some BB cream.

  32. Sue GP 5 years ago

    I was a teen in the 80’s so there are so many to choose from but the bleach blond permed hair with the Purple eyeliner, eyeshadow and matching lipstick would have to be in with a chance. If not there is the scary 6 months when my eyeliner was uper dark and extended almost out to my hairline – Yowza!!

  33. Fiona 5 years ago

    Several years ago, I thought it would be worth trying a cleanser that contained benzyl peroxide in order to make my skin clear and blemish free. Unfortunately, it turns out that I’m very allergic to benzyl peroxide, and one application of that cleanser caused my face to blow up like a pufferfish in the next 2-3 hours. I looked like the main character in that Cher movie, The Mask from the 80s. The doctor said that I’d best not go out in public as I would scare people and gave me a course of steroids to try and clear it up. I basically was scaring small children.
    Trying to hide this hideous face of mine, I then tried to cover my face in the foundation look from high school circa 98, and distract attention with bright lipstick. I ended up looking like a cheap hooker with some form of skin wasting disease…. and excacerbated the original bad skin problem times 5 million when the allergic reaction eventually cleared!

  34. Coco 5 years ago

    ‘Dolly’ recommended ‘clear’ mascara to smooth and shape one’s eyebrows. Mine was more ‘sheer blue’ which left me with a sticky, faintly blue sheen all over my brow like I’d done my makeup with a pushpop.

  35. Fifi 5 years ago

    I too have many shockers from the 80s and 90s, but the worst things I’ve done to myself (and my skin!) were in the name of theatre. A few years ago I played a 50s housewife who reappears at the end of the play horribly ill (and wet) having recently lost a baby. I had white powder on my (already very pale) skin, dark circles around my eyes, I was dripping wet and then I spent 10 minutes sobbing on the floor. No opening night party frock could stop me from looking like a corpse in the foyer after the show…

  36. Hannah Ky McCann 5 years ago

    For my 23rd birthday I dressed up as a full drag queen- smearing my eyes in fluorescent turquoise, donning big thick fake lashes, and drawing a black line around my red lips in eyeliner. All in all it was my worst make up look ever- but as you can imagine, also my best!

  37. Larissa 5 years ago

    I was a teen in an era where there were no BB cream and mineral make-up, and thanks mum I inherited her skin issues. Lots of acne! Everywhere. Something just solved years later with Roacutane.
    My worst make-up look lasted my whole high school, I guess. I really believed (or wanted to) I could hide all the pimples and red marks with a pancake – an expired one, from my mom. With a cheap concealer and some foundation on the top. But the pancake was the magic potion, no doubt. It was so sick, it was like I had a layer of concrete over my face.
    Thanks God I was not the only alien in my neighbourhood. Loyal friends don’t let you suffer alone, especially when they share your pain. And make-up tips.

  38. Amy Alexandra 5 years ago

    I was heavily into glitter as a 13 year old. During the Glitter Years, Santa bought me a lovely present, a YSL Baby Doll gift set. This lovely gift included the perfume of course, but also a scented, glittery moisturisier. I was in heaven.

    It was glittery and it smelt nice, so I thought, this will be perfect to apply to my eyelids. Little did I know, heavily scented creams are not something your eyelids want on them. I did end up with glittery eyelids, they were just a little hard to see under the giant hives on my face. Saahhh pretty!

  39. Nina 5 years ago

    Smears of ice blue and silvery shimmer eye shadow were a favourite of mine in the late 90s/early 00s. From a time when my makeup collection was sourced exclusively from the high quality products sticky taped to the front of Dolly magazines. And one special occasion when I scored a lovely fuchsia cream blush that came with a heart shaped sponge applicator. Looking back, I see that was just to look cute in the packaging, however my 12 year old self thought it was for stamping pink love hearts on my cheeks…

  40. Hadley HART 5 years ago

    White eyeliner ALL through high school!

  41. JicyJac 5 years ago

    I am on me first ever tube of BB cream, it is Garnaier and it is pretty good I love it, but I do wonder if the fancier brands are even better so I would love to try the Lancome one. Before BB cream (which has converted me to a daily make up user) I only ever applied foundation and makeup for special occasions, which unfortunately meant I had very little practice and turned up for these occasions looking ghastly, but unaware until I much later saw photo’s. I’m very fair so I would apply foundation, which would even out my skin tone as it is meant to – but not knowing how to apply blush, I skipped that so always looked like I died 3 days ago.

  42. Cilla 5 years ago

    My worst makeup mistake in recent times:
    No makeup.
    Seriously – I look a lot better with a bit of concealer around the eyes and some mascara/eyelash curler to make my long but straight and pale lashes pop.
    I used to do the really dark lippy with face bereft of makeup, can look a bit rock-star like but mostly just looks odd

  43. Julie 5 years ago

    In the late 70’s I always used a sparkly white shimmer stick right around my my eye. Yes that’s right from under my eyebrow right around my eye, under my lower eyelashes and stopped at my nose. Then used a blue eye shadow on my lid. Thought I looked really cool, though probably looked a bit like at weird reverse raccoon.

  44. Julie 5 years ago

    Hi, Just wondering if you have chosen your testers?

    • Author
      Smaggle 5 years ago

      Yes I have! It all happened in 24 hours so testers were privately emailed. Thanks so much for entering and make sure you enter the next one and remind me that you missed out on this one. I’m a sucker for repeat offenders! x

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