How To Get Away With Wearing Black In Summer

How To Get Away With Wearing Black In Summer
Carly Jacobs

ou know how your mum always told you not to wear black in summer? Because black attracts heat? This is definitely true – I can feel that black attracts heat – but sometimes a chic little black frock just feels so right on a 30 degree day you know?

Also I’m a bit of a grot and sometimes I just want to not wear white and roll around in the grass without worrying about it. I tried this on super quickly on my way home on Christmas Eve last year and I fell in love with it immediately BUT I didn’t want to buy it straight away because I thought I might have been inflating its greatness in my head because I wanted a new dress for the Christmas season. You know how you do that? You’re like ‘OMG this dress IS THE BEST!’ and it’s actually super uncomfortable and you only wear it once? And you only bought it because you put yourself under weird shopping pressure? So I very sensibly left it in the store, then frantically called them the next day and had them put it aside for me when I got back to Melbourne. Smooth.

I actually just really love that rule. I used to use this rule back in my early 20s when I was single. If I was keen on a guy, I’d never go home with him the first time I met him. I had to want to kiss a guy sober before I’d go on a second date. What can I say? I am literally the opposite of spontaneous.

Wearing Black In Summer


Dress from Gorman

Shoes from Frankie 4 (gifted)

Necklace from my dear poppy

Tips For Wearing Black In Summer

1. Wear floaty black, not tight black

Tight black clothing just feels hotter doesn’t it? Go with something a bit floaty and breezy and try to stick to natural fibres if you find polyester a bit claustrophobic. I only do black cotton or black linen, otherwise I feel like I’m wrapped in a garbage bag. I cleaned out my cupboard on the weekend and I have flat out banned myself from buying that’s not 100% a natural fibre. I know so many people who a totally fine wearing synthetics (in fact they prefer them because cotton can get a bit stinky if you’re sweating a lot) but I’m just not into it.

2. Accessorise so you don’t you look like a grumpy goth

I quite like the goth look (I’m from Melbourne – sporting a pale face and dark clothing is something I’m very comfortable with) but if you want to look a little bit fresher and lighter try accessorising with light accessories. Cream resin beads, grey fibre feature necklaces, light cotton scarves. That kind of thing. Might I suggest something from Dinosaur Designs? Not sponsored, just a genuine life long obsession.

3. Try nude shoes

I love black flats and sandals but sometimes they can look a little bit heavy with a black dress in summer. Nude or tan shoes just give you a bit of a lift. Also I might be making this up, but I feel like nude shoes make my legs look thinner and smoother. Ah the lies we tell ourselves. Also I get that I’m totally wearing black sandals in this picture but I think I can JUST get away them, yes?

This outfit was worn for a big ol’ day of working. Writing, filming, podcasting. All that jazz. I finished the day with a walk to Office Works to get some sticky labels. Thrilling stuff.

Oh also I’ve been thinking about getting fresh farm veggie deliveries at home – anyone have a good Melbourne recommendation?

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Do you wear black in summer? Or not so much?


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  1. sarahlogan541 9 months ago

    Ceres is the bomb for fresh farm deliveries. We have just moved away from Melbourne and I miss it dearly! It was a great way to save money and I found myself eating waaay more vegies cos I didn’t want to waste anything that came in the box. It also reduced my supermarket visits substantially. Win!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 9 months ago

      Oh that’s a great idea! I have a small market across the road from my house which is great but I’d love to support local markets – I don’t think my market across the road is very local! 🙂

  2. Missy D 9 months ago

    I pretty much wear black 90% of my life. And I live in Brisbane.

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