Why don’t you…?

Why don’t you…?
Carly Jacobs


  • Thread heavy chain through your sneakers instead of laces?
  • Wear a vintage slip, a scrappy scarf, long wool socks and your highest heels? Wrap an enormous cardigan around yourself?
  • Wear a sparkly dress to work? Funk it up with a boy blazer and some chunky platforms?
  • Eat a rainbow salad? Orange carrot, red capsicum, green lettuce, yellow squash?
  • Go minimalist? Wear a crisp white shirt with stunning tailored pants and flawless make-up? Your hair slicked back into an elegant bun?
  • Wear two scarves at once?
  • Curl your hair on a Monday? Just for fun?
  • Keep delicious and hideously expensive hand cream by your bed and rub it all the way up to your elbows every night?

Love Lady Smaggle




  1. Sara 9 years ago

    I love the vintage slip idea, and the hair…..and the minimalist!

  2. Lita 9 years ago

    i do every single one of those things.

    that’s a lie, i don’t have hair.

  3. E 9 years ago

    Apart from high heels (can’t wear them any more – sob) and curly hair (disturbing enough on its own thanks) I can do this!

    p.s. photo is very, very lovely

  4. Sal 9 years ago

    Oooh, I did two scarves at once just yesterday! Wore ’em twined together as a belt.

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