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Why Don’t You… Grow Fresh Basil?

by Carly Jacobs
Image Why don’t you…? Go to the pool? Swim a few leisurely laps? Relax in the sauna afterwards? Make homemade versions of your favourite treats? Pop tarts? Donuts? Croissants? Drink ginger tea with your meals? Give your digestion a helping hand? Go to bed early? Make a cup of chamomile tea and snuggle down with a good book? Make chocolate covered strawberries for dessert and share them with someone you Read the rest!
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Why Don’t You… Have a Poker Night?

by Carly Jacobs
Why don’t you…? Have a poker night? With chips? Beer? Club sandwiches and whisky? Buy a bonsai tree? Use nail polish to decorate an old pleather bag? Wear whatever you like? Regardless of whether or not it’s flattering? Sprinkle rose petals in your next bubble bath? Paint just your pinky finger with a sparkle top coat? So it glistens and gleams when you daintily sip champagne? Wipe your counter Read the rest!
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Why Don’t You… Eat Figs?

by Carly Jacobs
Image Why Don’t You…? Meet a friend for a walking date? Grab a takeaway coffee and wander around a local park? Make yourself a tray of healthy fries? Carrot? Sweet potato? Parsnip? Go metalic? Silver eyeshadow? A sparkly clutch? Glittery high heels? Eat figs? On their own? On a cracker with cheese? In gooey caramel pudding? Make flowers out of tissues and pipe cleaners? Stock up on cute stickers? Stick Read the rest!
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Why Don’t You… Watch YouTube Videos That Make You Giggle?

by Carly Jacobs
Feature image & image. Watch snippets of your favourite comedians on YouTube while you have your morning coffee? Louis CK? Jerry Seinfeld? Bake a vanilla sponge cake with vanilla frosting? Have a slice every afternoon? Store your toothbrushes and toothpaste in a fancy water glass? Wear a headband? Use the line ‘Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?‘ on the next cute boy you m Read the rest!
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Why Don’t You… Polish All Your Shoes?

by Carly Jacobs
Image Polish all your shoes? Never step out the door without your footwear sparkling? Keep a dish of old fashioned-cellophane wrapped candies on your coffee table? Wear a sophisticated nude lip this week? With a subtle smokey eye? Dab a little vanilla essence on a clean cloth and dust your shelves with it? Leave your home smelling like cake? Dunk something in something else? A chocolate biscuit in your tea? A chun Read the rest!
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Why don’t you…buy a vintage typewriter?

by Carly Jacobs
Image Have a Dessert Only Dinner Party? Where every guest brings a sweet treat? No entrees or mains? Just cakes and pies? Drink a full litre of water when you first get up in the morning? With a squeeze of lemon? Start your day feeling energised and refreshed? Paint all your nails an inky black? Make just your pinkies snowy white? Take a dance break? Blast your favourite song from the stereo? Dance like a maniac u Read the rest!
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Why Don’t You… Buy a Bag of Skittles?

by Carly Jacobs
Feature Image & Image   Why Don’t You…?Go on a cocktail crawl with your bestie? Wander from bar to bar in your city? Having one perfect drink at each location? Allow yourself to daydream? Make a cup of tea? Sit outside and allow your mind to wander while you drink it? Cover something in rhinestones? Your phone case? A little notebook for your handbag? The pen holder on your desk? Learn to r Read the rest!
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Why Don’t You…Eat Cinnamon?

by Carly Jacobs
Image 1 & Image 2 Blow up a balloon in the office? Make a rule that you have to keep it off the ground? Brighten up a dull afternoon with a playful little game? Do something wild like ride on the back of a motorbike? Go rollerblading? Or snow boarding? Buy a melon baller? Make beautiful watermelon and rockmelon fruit salads? Just because? Keep a sweet blush compact in your handbag? For lunch time top ups? Keep Read the rest!
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Why Don’t You… Wear a Leopard Print Scarf?

by Carly Jacobs
Have a hot chocolate instead of your usual afternoon latte? Two marshmallows? One pink, one white? Wear a leopard print scarf? Looped through your denim jeans as a belt? Wrapped around your head in a turban? Tied to your leather shoulder bag? Have an artistic friend ink a beautiful design on your skin for a special occasion? A silver feather just below your shoulder? Worn with a backless dress? Go horse riding? Go Read the rest!
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Why Don’t You… Make Your Own Mocha Breakfast Frappe?

by Carly Jacobs
Feature image by Rachel Vos Photography.In post image source here. Brew yourself an espresso before you go to bed? Chill it over night? Pop it in the  blender with a dash of milk and ice? A tiny splash of chocolate sauce? Have a homemade mocha frappucino to kick-start your morning? Knit? A chunky scarf? Some mis-matched socks? A delicious throw rug? Blow up a balloon? In your office? See how long you and work Read the rest!