Why Don’t You…?

Why Don’t You…?
Carly Jacobs

Tie your hair back with a ribbon when you go to bed? Make like a March sister in Little Women?

Go for a walk? Not for exercise, not to get somewhere, just for pleasure?

Cut up a fresh and fragrant tomato? Eat it on crispbread? With a healthy sprinkle of pink rock salt?

Fill a jar full of jelly beans? Take it to the next party you’re invited to as a gift to the hostess?

Have a standing lady date with your bestie? Manicure Monday? Shopping Spree Sunday?

Make old fashioned meat and three veg?
Sausages? Mash? Peas and corn?

Doodle? Hearts? Clouds? Zig zags? Spirals?

Buy colourful socks to wear under your winter boots?
Cheeky stripes? Shocking brights? Animal prints?

Eat a naughty donut today instead of your sandwich? Croissant? Pastry?


  1. Nikki Parkinson 6 years ago

    Love your why don’t yous x

  2. Maddison 6 years ago

    ‘Why don’t you’ is forever my favourite segment – yay for another one! =)

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