5 Style Don’ts…

5 Style Don’ts…
Carly Jacobs

I know it’s negative and but lets be honest here. Some people need to be told…

* Muffin top is never okay. The worst is a skin baring muffin top. Just get yourself a longer top and higher pants and get it the hell out of my sight because my interest in your breakfast is non-existent.

* If you are going to wear to tracksuit pants in public don’t accessorise. A perfectly made up face with massive dangly earrings and bracelets with your saggy poo-in-the-pants trackies is not a good look. And glitter doesn’t help either.

* Ugg boots. Just don’t.

* Too much of anything. Make-up, leg, cleavage… it’s all bad.

* Chipped nail polish. I know I am a big fat Virgo over here but it’s really tacky. It’s also lazy. Either remove it or re-do it. Whatever you do don’t chip at it with your teeth. Especially if the polish is red. I admit I indulged in a bit of chewing in a  particularly stagnant work meeting recently and left looking like I had an infectious gum disease.

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  1. glam-o-holic 15 years ago

    Dude I am so down with your style don’ts. I don’t understand how people can wear crappy clothing like track pants and ugg boots and try dress everything else up to compensate. “Oh my, your accessories are so nice, I’m totally not noticing your ugly, saggy fleece pants that are threatening to fall off”.

    I find all of the above on your list an affront to my eyes.

    ( Except the nail polish thing, I’m guilty of that sometimes. Me lazy.)

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