How To Grab This Morning And Make It Yours

How To Grab This Morning And Make It Yours
Carly Jacobs

I was lying in bed, wrapped up tightly in my doona when my dad came crashing through the door. It was the same routine this morning as it was every morning.

‘Ca-arly! Ca-arly! You’ve gotta get up for schooooool!’ 

He did this every day in a weird stunted accent we invented years earlier. He walked over to my window blind and snapped it open, letting the sunrise hit me directly in my face.

‘Shhh!!!’ I said. ‘My head hurts!’ 

‘Shhh!!!! My he-ad hur-urts!!!’ He mocked me.

I’m making dad sound like a giant asshole but he really isn’t. I used to get him to wake me up in the morning because I couldn’t just turn him off like an alarm clock. He’d keep going until I was awake. Daddy Smaggle is a plumber and has woken up at 5.30am every working day of his life and he’s on fire in the morning. He’s bouncy, happy and full of energy. He may actually be the only proper morning person in my family. I can get up in the morning just fine but I’m never super happy about it. There’s always an element of me psyching myself for the day.

The good news? You can totally fake being a morning person. For real, I do it nearly every day. When my alarm goes off in the morning, I’m usually quite pissed off about it. I’ll hit snooze once or twice and then I spend that snooze time doing some positive thinking.

this morning

‘This morning is a gift.’

‘This morning will be beautiful!’

‘This morning, I’m going to get some shit done.’

After about ten minutes of this kind of thinking, I can usually get my feet on the ground and start getting dressed for the gym.

If you’re like me and you need a little extra kick up the bum in the wee small hours, here are a few things that will help you out…

this morning

1. Reframe your thinking 

I’m very lucky in that I work for myself and I love my job but that doesn’t mean I wake up every day and think ‘Yay! Campaign reports! Reformatting 30 blog posts that broke! Woo hoo!’ 

There are boring parts of every job but you know what makes boring tasks even more boring? Constantly talking about how boring they are. If you wake up in a shitty mood and you’re determined to hold on to that shitty mood, it’s going to taint everything you do that day.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you need to do is reframe your thoughts for the day. Start the day with sparkle, not resentment. It’s the best way to set yourself up for a killer day.

2. Smile at yourself in the mirror 

I know this one sounds batshit crazy but it’s been scientifically proven that even faking a smile can improve your mood. The same thing applies when you smile when you answer the phone – it makes you sound happier and brighter. When you get a chance, smile at yourself in the mirror for thirty seconds this morning and see if it makes a difference. If it does, great! If it doesn’t, you’ve just smiled for 30 seconds so there’s no harm done. Give it a go.

this morning

3. Write down a positive affirmation that will be theme of your day 

My word for 2018 is ‘spark’ and I’m working that word into my daily positive statements. Every day, I spend about ten minutes writing in my notebook/dairy. My goals for the year, my positive intentions for the day and my to-do list. When I write down my positive intentions for the day, I try to use the word ‘spark’ in them.

Today I will be sparkly and bright.

Today I will ignite a small spark that may become a raging fire.

I will spark joy in my readers today.

These affirmations aren’t exactly Shakespeare but you get the point. I have them written in a notebook on my desk and I constantly refer back to it to remind myself that I’m actively being positive today and every day. Whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve, make it a central focus of your morning by writing it down. By making a daily ritual of acknowledging your goals and making an active choice to have a positive attitude, it makes mornings much less painful for you.

4. Turn complaints into compliments 

For example, if you wake up in the morning and find that you’ve run out of coffee pods, rather than whining about it, turn your language from ‘Fuck! No coffee pods!’ to ‘Awesome! No coffee pods, this means I can buy an amazing latte from that new cafe down the road.’

this morning

5. Do some exercise 

You don’t have to go for a full-on quarter marathon run around the block but gently easing your way into the day with some movement is one of the best ways to start the day. I do an F45 class every weekday morning (yes, every weekday morning) and I’m at the point now where I can’t function unless I move in the morning. Occasionally if I have an early meeting or I have to travel somewhere I’ll skip my morning class and I’m just grumpy and tired if I don’t do it. If you don’t have time for a full-on exercise class, do 3 rounds of 7 Minute Workout Challenge. That’s 21 minutes of movement and you can smash it out in your living room. I do this when I’m holidaying or travelling as a kick start to the day when I’m away from my beloved F45.

What are you like first thing in the morning? Okay, or do you need a bit of extra help?

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  1. Rebecca 4 years ago

    Thanks for these Carly! I’ve been an early riser for years… more out of necessity than love of a 5.15am alarm and I’ve always found I am so much more effective in the mornings once I’ve got my brain all psyched for the day.
    I’ve also just downloaded the 7 minute workout app to try out this week, again thanks for your recommendations, they’re alway rad!

  2. Claire 4 years ago

    Another early riser here.
    I love the feel and smell of the air when we take the dog to the park first thing.
    Then that first coffee tastes so good as I sit in the kitchen, look out over our amazing view and get my morning reading done before I need to do anything else.

  3. Ripple 4 years ago

    I always consider myself a morning person but sometimes I just can’t get up and I do hate the alarm – especially during winter when it’s so dark outside in the morning and all I want to do is just get cosy and do some stuff in my bed (sleep preferably). I am slowly trying to start getting up at 5 am to get everything done (meditation etc.) before everyone else is up – I found out that this would be the best ide for me since I’m really tired around 9 pm anyway. Well maybe not extremely tired and I could watch YouTube videos until 3 am but I just can’t get anything productive done. I really liked number 3 – I’ll try and practice comping up with a theme for my days or for a whole week. Thank you for all the advices!

    With kindness,

  4. Nikole 4 years ago

    Love it! My school days mornings were my mum coming in time after time to wake me up. She’d make me sit up on the third go and then come back to find me asleep sitting up!! I’ve never been a fan of waking up early but as a PT a sleep in is now a thing of the past! Helps to love the reason you’re waking up for! Agree with everything you’ve said 🙂

  5. Michaela 4 years ago

    I’m literally the walking dead in the morning – I used to be a lot better, but half of my issue is poor sleep. My partner and I work different hours and he always gets home late and then wants to talk my ear off for hours while I’m in bed silently begging any deity who will listen to just knock me the eff out!

    But I can’t just tell him not to bother me, either. It’s literally the only time we get to talk. I have to be super quiet when I get ready for work in the morning so as not to wake him up, so that doesn’t help matters much. If not for that, I’d have some kind of hardcore tunes blasting while I got ready for my day.

  6. Missy D 4 years ago

    Also an early riser – I get up at 5am. I don’t even really need an alarm because my bladder will tell me it’s time to get up. Like clockwork.

    I have medication I have to take 30 minutes before eating anything, so I take that then get ready for work. Then I drink coffee and read emails/blogs/news or get writing, bills or finances done.

    I’m more of an afternoon exerciser because sweat/red face/hair/make-up in Qld heat (yep, it’s 28 degrees by 6am) and being in the office by 7.30am is just too damn hard.

    But I do feel I’m pretty productive first thing in the morning. I’m not always happy to ‘chat’ but I can potter like nobody’s business at that hour. 🙂

  7. Di 4 years ago

    Maybe I need my mum again. She used to wake me like this: “wakey wakey rise and shiiiine! The sun is SHINING the birds are SINGING!!!” And I’d be like: primordial groan, swamp lady rising from the depths. I’ve improved slightly since then.

  8. KezUnprepared 4 years ago

    Adulthood has worn some of the shine off my enthusiasm with being a morning person (don’t even ask me about pregnancy LOL) but I just remind myself: you’re always at your best in the morning, seeing the morning sun is the most beautiful time of the day, if you’re productive this morning, then you’ll feel much better in the afternoon even if you’ve run out of steam! Being organised for the day feels better than waking late and panicking!


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