7 things to avoid doing while sick at home…

7 things to avoid doing while sick at home…
Carly Jacobs

I’m sick. So sick that I can barely look at my computer without feeling like I’m going to vomit all over it. There will be no daily outfit shots because I’ve been wearing brown pyjamas and knee high wool socks for the past two days. But because I love you I must post – tis the curse of the addicted blogger. Here are a few things I have discovered that you should not do when sick…

1. Don’t watch four hours of Grey’s Anatomy in a row. Especially if you are a hypercondriac. I have myself convinced that I am suffering a by-lateral brain haemorrhage and severe muscle eclampsia caused by the fact that I have obviously been poisoned by my own shampoo.

2. Don’t repeat number 1.

3. Don’t eat soy ice cream when nauseous. It’s literally blended soy trying to imitate a dairy product and I’m beginning to wonder why I ever eat it. Oh and don’t put chocolate sauce on it either. It’s kind of like dipping kidney beans in sherbet.

4. Don’t wrap yourself in wool blankets while wearing three jumpers and drinking hot tea. It’s pretty uncomfortable when you start sweating out your fever.

5. Don’t paint your nails. The fumes will literally knock you unconscious.

6. Don’t do washing. When you suspect you have gastro, bending down and stretching up repeatedly is BAD!

7. Don’t pluck your eyebrows when your vision is less than ideal. It’s not attractive to bleed from the eyebrows.

Normal posting will resume as soon as I am able to read for longer than 30 seconds and when I can also sit down without falling asleep…

Love Lady Smaggle




  1. Cybill 14 years ago

    Thats funny, the post I mean – not your illness. I think it’s a well known rule (not just in my house surely) that the sick person should not do any housework at all, lay prone on a couch and is only able to receive presents and cups of tea.

  2. princessnaea 14 years ago

    oh poor pickle!! I hope you feel better. Think George-Clooney-and-Johnny-Depp-filled thoughts, have a cup of chamomile tea, and watch 90210 or Buffy. Guaranteed cure.

  3. Mrs Munk 14 years ago

    poor smaggle!
    hope you feel better soon!
    (p.s. i used to have the same problem as your greys one, except when watching house…thats why i had to stop watching it…)

  4. Nicoleeeee 14 years ago

    Awwww keep up the bed rest Lady Smaggle. Dry toast, cold boiled water and fruit and vegetables when you are feeling more up to it.

    Try asking your boyfriend to buy you presents….presents = happiness!.

    And lastly……get well soon!.

    <3 Nic xxx

  5. Cupcake 14 years ago

    Oh yes presents!! They will work wonders 😉

    Hope you start to feel well soon lady!
    Maybe have a nice soak in the tub and read a good book in bed??

    xo ((((hug))))

  6. selina 14 years ago

    awww get well soon lady!xx

  7. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Na – I seriously O.D-ed on Grey’s I just don’t think I could handle Buffy!

    Mr Munk – Yeah House go boring hey? I’m 3 episodes away from finishing the first two seasons of Grey’s. I need help.

    Nicoleeeee – Well Mr Smaggle did make me a delicious porridge breakfast this morning so I think that counts! Thanks for adive the toast went down a treat!

    Cupcake – It turned out to be Frankie day yesterday so I snuggled on the couch read that while I ate dinner.

    Selina – Thanks love! Nearly there…

    Cybill – Several cups of tea were presented to me through out the day so I was quite the sick but happy camper!

    Matt and Ged – Glad my misery amuses! 🙂

    Ivy – Thanks doll! I look forward to meeting her soon!

  8. Matt & Ged 14 years ago

    LOL ….. you are a very funny gal ….. snorted my Green tea reading this !!

    Love ged x

  9. Ivy 14 years ago

    Awww mate, I hope you feel better very soon! I’ll send the get well fairy to your house and she’ll fix you up. Mwah! xx *hugs*

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