A Tribute to Heath Ledger

A Tribute to Heath Ledger
Carly Jacobs

I just heard the awful news that Heath Ledger has passed away. I wanted to post a tribute to this amazing young Australian who I have watched blossom into an exceptional actor. From the crappy after school specials to the silver screen he has mesmerised audiences with his talent and charisma. I will always remember him for being classy in the public eye and for holding himself with dignity in such a demanding career. As a fellow Australian I’m so proud of what he has achieved and my heart goes out to the Australian Film Industry who has lost one of their brightest gems.


  1. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    I know I’m still in shock.

  2. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    I heard accidental overdose on prescriptive drugs. Nasty stuff.

  3. selina 14 years ago

    i couldn’t believe it when i heard, it’s so sad

  4. Emily 14 years ago

    Have we heard anymore of how it happened? I heard drug overdose but there was uncertainty in the air?

  5. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    I really believe it was an accident. I just have a feeling about it.

  6. Sally 14 years ago

    I’m praying to Jesus it wasn’t suicide.
    Rest In Peace Heath xo.

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