Another Magazine

Another Magazine
Carly Jacobs

Yesterday my lovely friend Na sent me the link for Another Magazine and their article about an interesting collabrative project between artist and fashion designers. The deal is that a fashion designer is paired with an artist and they create wearable art out of unusual objects. I have tried and tried to post the damn pictures but as they are scans of a magazine article it just ain’t kosher. So just trust me and go clickety click on the link. My favourites are:

Number 2 – The Riccardo Tisci rubber tubes piece. It’s like the Matrix but pretty.

Number 5 – The Christopher Bailey for Burberry dress made from clothes pegs. I would never have know had I not been told what it’s made from.

Number 7 – The Stella Mccartney white gold rabbits. I couldn’t even tell you what the dress looks. It’s those rabbits that got me. Jewellery pornography.

Let me know what you think. Na’s favourite is Sophia Kokosalaki’s dress which she says ‘looks like cotton candy solidified’… How beautiful.


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