Why don’t you…?

Why don’t you…?
Carly Jacobs

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Why don’t you…?

* Pour yourself a glass of wine, put your favourite DVD on and tackle all of your ironing? On a Sunday night? Make this a weekly ritual? Wear all your beautiful linens and silks that are usually crumpled in the bottom of your cupboard?

* Dust? Every surface of your house? While wearing overalls and a head scarf?

* Cull your underwear draw? Throw away anything old and ratty? Only have unmentionables that you wouldn’t mind a gentleman caller catching a glimpse of?

* Wipe the your walls with pure vanilla oil? Sprinkle some on your carpet? Let your house smell like a cake?

* Arrange your make up beautifully on your bathroom counter? On a special tray? Or in a beautiful box? Make it an inviting space to spend time in each morning?

* Add a bleach based powder to your wash? Make your whites sparkly and crisp?

* Pop cedar balls in your drawers? Lavender pouches? Rose petals?

* Polish your leather shoes? And spray the insides with a deodoriser? Store them thoughtfully? In clear plastic boxes or on a shoe rack?

Happy cleaning!





  1. Luinae McAnish 12 years ago

    This makes me want to clean things, which is a very weird emotion!

  2. Miss Peregrin 12 years ago

    The underwear cull is a great idea! I did one recently, and got rid of anything that didn’t fit properly, that was getting ratty, or was just not pretty. Now I feel so much better not having to rifle through all the crap to get to the good stuff!


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