Black or White? Black and White!

Black or White? Black and White!
Carly Jacobs

I read this article in The New York Times on the absence of black models on the catwalk during this season of fashion shows. I was pretty appalled. Mostly because I didn’t even notice and that made me feel like pre-conditioned moron who blindly surfs fashion websites and doesn’t question the fact that most of the models are caucasian. I also came across the post Red Bow on the fabulous site Flying Saucer about red haired models and lipstick. The young lady to whom this website belongs has the most gorgeous long, curly red hair and a fabulous sense of style. Her colouring is spectacular and yet there is hardly any representation of her in the media. Just something for us ‘standard’ girls to have a think about… 


  1. selina 15 years ago

    ah wow thank you! *blushes*
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  1. Smaggle Style » Blog Archive » Equality in Fashion 15 years ago

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