How To Buy Flowers Without Going Broke

How To Buy Flowers Without Going Broke
Carly Jacobs

onestly, I try to pretend I’m all tough and not sentimental but I really love it when people buy me flowers. It doesn’t happen that often which I’m really very fine about (seriously… it’s fine… whatever) but when it does happen it makes me all warm and glowing inside.


I used to live Canberra in the early 2000s and back then florists were notoriously expensive. If you wanted to buy a bunch of flowers for your mate’s opening night of her play, it’s unlikely you’d get change from a $50 note so needless to say, flowers weren’t purchased that often. When I moved to Melbourne I discovered this amazing little business called Daily Blooms. It’s technically a florist but they sell just one style of posy every day for $30 and delivery is included. When I discovered them it was one of those real ‘I wish I thought of that!’ moments.

There are florists similar to this popping up all over the place in Australia and I thought I’d put together a little resource for people who want to give lovely flower gifts but also want to be able to pay their rent and buy groceries too. Here’s a list of some cute ‘little’ florists in Australia so you can buy flowers without going broke.


Canberra – The Floral Society

This gorgeous business is one of the few digital florists in the Canberra area and they’re filling a serious gap in the market. They do daily bouquets for about $30 including delivery and they also offer wedding arrangements, event arrangements and floral subscriptions if you fancy getting regular deliveries.


Melbourne – Daily Blooms

For Melbournites, these guys are the bomb. They’ve saved me on more than one occasion when I forgot a mate’s birthday and quickly put in an order. I’m also happy to say I have had 100% flawless service from these guys and I’ve used them at least a dozen times. They’re quick, the quality is excellent and it’s super easy to order from them.


Sydney – Little Flowers

Similar to Daily Blooms, I’ve used Little Flowers countless times and the service has been outstanding. It’s the same deal as most small posy florists. They have a posy of the day which is on sale until it sells out and they make all their deliveries before 6pm that evening.


South Australia – Itty Bitty Bunch

I can’t vouch for Itty Bitty Bunch because I’ve never used them (although now I know about them I can send some to my Adelaide BFF Sonia Styling!) but they come highly recommend from lots of my South Australian readers. From what I’ve heard they cover a broad range of delivery areas and the quality is always pretty good. Ace.


Perth – Daily Blossom

Again I’ve never trialled Perth’s Daily Blossom but I’m loving how they deliver their daily bunches in cute little pails. I do love a hessian wrap or some rustic brown paper but the pail is super cute and adds a different twist to the little flowers concept.


Brisbane – Poco Posy

Poco Posy is a Brisbane based traditional florist that has the option of the little daily posy. They also do event and wedding flowers. They have interesting themed days where they deliver sweet potted succulents instead of traditional posies which I love – more sustainable and they last longer.

ggs flowers

Special Mention – GG’s Flowers in Canberra

Strictly speaking, this gorgeous florist doesn’t subscribe to the small posy formula but I couldn’t leave this business out. They’re a socially sustainable florist operating in Canberra and their point of difference is awesome. They’re an equal opportunity employer offering jobs to people with special needs. One of the daughter’s in the family, Gayana, has Down Syndrome and the business was created with her in mind. Gayana and her mother Geetha put together to arrangements and they’re hand delivered by Gayana. I haven’t had a flower occasion in Canberra since they started operating but they will be the first people I call when I need to send a posy.

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Have you used a small posy florist? Can you recommend any in Australia? Any suggestions for Northern Territory or Tasmania?


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  1. hailz 5 years ago

    Hello Petal! In Melbourne. Can’t wait to check out The Flower Bar – I love the idea of picking the flowers you like and someone making a beautiful bunch for you.

  2. chrisatpb 5 years ago

    A couple of our local fruit and veg shops sell flowers – one has little bunches of roses for about $12. They even have scent, unlike commercially produced roses. The other one always has lilies – quite a decent bunch for $17. Neither has fancy wrapping, but I figure that only gets binned anyway. Love the posy a day concept – hope it takes off around here soon. xx

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs-Smaggle 5 years ago

      I love fresh market flowers too – we have a divine local Greek grocer that sells beautiful scented roses. I totally know what you mean about commercial flowers. They never have that sweet smell and that’s the whole point in having fresh flowers!

  3. chrisatpb 5 years ago

    Hello possum, me again. Just remembered, speaking of flowers, did you get a chance to see the super bloom in Death Valley national park. Apparently fairly infrequent phenomena happens about once in 10 years after really heavy rain, then the desert absolutely blooms. Looked stunning on the news a couple of nights ago. Xx

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Oh we’re trying to make it there in time! Ben saw it was happening and we’re trying to get there in time, It might already be over – but thank you so much for letting us know. That’s so ace of you! x

  4. Carly
    Hello Petal in Fairy Meadow, Wollongong does the most beautiful $35 posies usually once a week! I’ll post a pic and their facey link on your facey page. Insta is hellopetalflowers.
    Cath xo

  5. Jess Carey 5 years ago

    Thank you for yet another nifty tip! I love buying flowers to my home, but they really are SO expensive!! And unless they’re great quality, they only last a few days 🙁 Looking forward to some online flower shopping now hehe

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      You’re welcome! I wish I’d heard them earlier too – the only complaint I have is that most of the systems remember your old orders and ask you if you want to send flowers there again which isn’t a problem unless you sent them to your grandfather in hospital who died. 🙁

  6. Louisa Gormley 4 years ago

    Hey Smaggle, and co – anyone know a little posy crew who deliver to Berowra?

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 4 years ago

      I’ve got no idea! I’m sorry – these suggestions all came via Facebook!

  7. Simone 4 years ago

    Hey, I know Tasmania kind of falls of the map a lot, but there is a beautiful little corner florist in Launceston (on Wellington street, for anyone in Tasmania) where you can get small boxed arrangements for $5. Really gorgeous stuff.

  8. Megan McMahon 4 years ago

    Milkbud in Hobart TAS
    Blooms and Wares in Wagga Wagga NSW

  9. Aaron D 2 years ago

    There are so many great affordable flower delivery services in Brisbane, it’s such a great thing! Recently, the best one i’ve been using is Little Mr Bouqs – Brisbane Flower Delivery – maybe one for your next article? 🙂

  10. Simran Ahuja 2 years ago

    Hello, Thank you for yet another interesting and nice tip! I love keeping flowers in my house, but we cant keep it because they really are SO expensive!! And unless they’re of great quality, they only last a few days. I am Looking forward to buy some flowers online now.

  11. Genevieve Tempest 2 years ago

    The Posy Post deliver to Newcastle, Maitland and the Central Coast in NSW and are amazing! They have 3 sizes starting from $35 including delivery. I use them all the time and completely recommend them =)


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