Celebrity Style

Celebrity Style
Carly Jacobs

On the Instyle website they have this marvelous little archive full of Looks of the Day starring your favourite celebrities drinking coffee, walking the red carpet and generally looking heart achingly cool. Here are few of my favourites…


* This isn’t really a favourite but it’s almost blasphemous to have a celebrity style post sans Kate.

* Check out the boots! I swear she is about to start grabbing at her crotch and moonwalking…

* I have to have Mary Kate if I have Ashley because everyone knows you can’t separate twins. Mary Kate is a grubby little urchin isn’t she? But her haphazard way of throwing on her clothes as if she just crawled out of bed is strangely appealing…

* I love this shirt but I love Kate Hudson more. She is pretty and she smiles a lot and I am quite easily pleased. Besides she’s all sunkissed and blonde and I have opposites envy of her.


  1. Lady Smaggle 15 years ago

    Ha ha what can I say? The world of fashion is a crazy place…

  2. Azz 15 years ago

    Ashley looks like some sort of smacky muppet. And that coat makes her look like her torso is massive and her legs are teeny tiny

  3. kate is tops & both the olsens are amaze me!

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