15 Online Clothing Stores That Aren't ASOS

If you like ASOS, here are the best alternatives!

15 Killer Online Clothing Stores That Aren’t ASOS
Carly Jacobs

I’m so over ASOS. That doesn’t mean I’ll never shop there again but I’m just not feeling the love at the moment. I figured this out when I went overseas a few years ago and needed to buy some summer clothes. It was winter Australia and I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a boot, wrap or jacket. I went to straight to ASOS and was immediately underwhelmed. Everything I liked was already sold out in my size and I didn’t want to buy a bunch of stuff only to have to return it all. It was then that I realised I had no idea where else to shop online. How sad is that? It’s hard to find places to shop online if you’re not actively looking so I went actively looking and I turned up some gems. Here’s my edit of 15 clothing stores that aren’t ASOS. Soz ASOS but I’m a teeny bit over you right now…

Clothing Stores That Aren't ASOS

Dress from COS, shoes from Funkis 


These guys are the new kids on the block and they’re pretty freaking cool. They partner with with bigger designers like Zimmerman, Anthropologie and Charlotte Olympia and sell high end stuff for really decent discounts. Lyst also have an app which is slightly dangerous because it learns the kind of stuff you like and gives you alerts for when they’ve re-stocked stuff. That could be a slippery slope for me when new Kenneth Jay Lane stuff comes in.

Shop on the Lyst website


You’ve probably heard of Birdsnest but I can’t not mention it a post about online shopping. The service from this place is spectacular. A mate of mine once ordered a dress and it was too big and it was for a wedding that weekend. She contact the shop and one of the girls drove the correct size dress to her house on her way home so she’d have it in time for the weekend. How ace is that?

Shop on the Birdsnest website


This is one of my favourite shops but I’m a Melburnian and I love clean silhouettes and monochrome. I bought a sweater style dress here a few months ago and I’ve been wearing it to death. Not in Italy obviously but in Melbourne it was getting washed every few days.

Shop on the Neuw website

Clothing Stores That Aren't ASOS

Dress from The Iconic, shoes from Funkis

Eb and Ive

I discovered Eb and Ive through my mate Nikki from Styling You and it’s such an awesome place to get decent basics in grown up cuts. I’m not into walking around with my butt hanging out so I really appreciate their longer cut dresses in forgiving tunic style cuts.

Shop on the Eb and Ive website

Surf Stitch

This one is an oldie but a goodie and I frequently forget it exists. It’s so good for grabbing a beach cover up or a floaty maxi dress. Some of the stuff at SurfStitch is a little young and beachy for me but I’ve definitely picked up some gems there before.

Shop on the Surf Stitch website

Blue Bungalow 

Another store that has lovely sensible clothes that cover the bits you want covered but are still flattering and stylish. It’s harder to find stores like this than you’d think so make sure you book mark this one!

Clothing Stores That Aren't ASOS

Dress made by me, shoes from Trippen

Shop on the Blue Bungalow website


I only discovered Morrison a few months ago and I’ve already bought two dresses from them. Honestly, I’m a bit too tight to pay full price for their stuff but their sales are great and they have a seconds store. I bought a beautiful linen dress from there right before my last overseas trip and I’ve worn it almost every day while I’ve been away.

Shop on the Morrison website


This is without a doubt the best plus size store online. I’m an inbetweenie – I can fit into most size 14 clothing but not everything and I also like to wear my clothing quite loose. I’ve got an amazing t-shirt from Harlow that I’ve worn to death. It’s perfect for people who like their clothes to be a little roomier.

Shop on the Harlow website

Clothing Stores That Aren't ASOS

Jumpsuit from Rippl, shoes from Birkenstock, cardigan from Anthropologie, scarf from Sportsgirl


I discovered Obus when I stopped a girl in the street and demanded to know where her dress was from. Obus is a bit Gormany (which is awesome because I love Gorman) but for me their cuts are a bit better and their fabrics and prints are a bit more my style.

Shop on the Obus website


When I’m looking for a quality basic, I head to Bul. Their stuff is sophisticated and beautifully cut in gorgeous fabrics. I prefer shopping online at Bul though because for some reason in their bricks and mortar stores they keep the larger sizes out the back and you have to ask for them. I don’t know why but it’s weird and I don’t like it. I want to hold an item up and see how it drapes in my size without having to ask the assistant to get every thing from the back.

Shop on the Bul website

Beginning Boutique

Some of the stuff at Beginning Boutique is definitely not for me but they have some great trendy casuals like shirt dresses and beach cover ups that are right up my alley. It’s really reasonably priced too.

Shop on the Beginning Boutique website


This store is the find of the century – it’s full of romantic, gorgeous pieces that are crazy reasonably priced. Everything is in a relaxed fit too which is great if you’re not into snappy tightness.

Shop on the Esther website


I’ve been wearing Wish clothing for years and I’ve loved their style evolution. They’ve kind of grown with the times which I love and they’ve got some super solid options for summer.

Shop on the Wish website

Clothing Stores That Aren't ASOS

Jeans from Jeans West, shoes from Toms, top from Jeans West, cardigan from Anthropologie

Alistair Trung

I adore Alistair Trung – I have a few of his pieces and I wear them all the time. I met the man himself in the store one day and I was just sold the second I met him. He called me a ‘sensual flower’. Shut up take my money right?

Shop clothes on the Alistair Trung website


I saw a Sprinkle dress on Instagram one day and I just love their stuff. It’s not really my style but I think their aesthetic is really unique, definitely a hot spot for curvy gals.

Shop curvy clothes on the Sprinkle website

More online shopping goodness

What are you favourite online stores that aren’t ASOS? Make sure you share in the comments!

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  1. T 4 years ago

    I love birdsnest, they are amazing. Thanks for the other ideas, I’ve just started culling my wardrobe so need some good unique pieces! Also, I find the iconic good if you need something last minute, their shipping is incredible!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 4 years ago

      Yes the iconic is great! Their demographic is a little young for me but I can still find some great stuff there.

  2. Beth R (AlmostPosh) 4 years ago

    Well this could be dangerous, I’ve already clicked through and coveted some pieces! Agree with you on ASOS, they used to be fabulous, now it’s not only more expensive but I get sick of scrolling through endless strapless / cut out / bodycon everything.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 4 years ago

      Yes! And I swear everything is so much shorter now too. Not cool.

  3. Lifestyle Lodestar 4 years ago

    This is actually really helpful. Often I see this online shops advertised but am too worried about scams and bad reviews to order anything. Its great to have a reliable list – also completely agree with Beth above about ASOS often disappointing…


    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 4 years ago

      Oh me too! It’s pretty easy to tell the goodies from the bad ones though! 🙂

  4. Missy D 4 years ago

    I agree – Birdsnest are amazing. I still can’t get over how great their customer service is and the little touches like hand written notes every time I order something. They have a great range.

    Thanks for the additional online shopping options! Though this is very dangerous for my credit card… 😉

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 4 years ago

      It’s still consistent as well – they haven’t changed even though they’ve grown so much. Love them.

  5. Kathryn 4 years ago

    So over ASOS. The last few things I’ve got from them become riddled with holes after a few washes. Like they had some kind of bug infestation at their warehouse!

    To be honest, I’m Modcloth’s bitch. I’m at the stage now that I’m rebuying my earlier purchases because I’ve worn stuff to death.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 4 years ago

      Yes! The holes! Oh my god – they’re the worst. And they shrink upwards. Everything gets shorter. It’s bullshit.

  6. Sonia Styling 4 years ago

    You’ve got me all excited to start planning my wardrobe for Bali at the end of next month!

  7. MG 4 years ago

    So happy you mentioned Esther! A friend recommended them to me a few months ago and I don’t know how my wardrobe survived pre-Esther!

  8. emily 2 years ago

    I can’t believe you made the dusty blue knitted dress! Absolutely stunning!!

    this blog is amazing, i checked out all the sites, especially loved lyst!


    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 1 year ago

      Thank you so much – that’s so lovely of you!

  9. Cindy 2 years ago

    I’ve never shopped with ASOS, but I have shopped with Birdsnest, and the service is above and beyond.
    My go-to is probably The Iconic, and I’ve also bought from Revolve in the USA, but not for a while now.
    I’ve bought online from David Jones, because we don’t have one where I live (in fact, no department stores).
    I recently bought a pair of skinny jeans and some other clothes from LTB Jeans (based in Richmond, Vic), which are made in Turkey. Most of their jeans have no polyester – just 98% cotton, 2% elastane. Very flattering cuts.
    For shoes, I love Styletread – they have so many styles to choose from, great service, and free returns. I haven’t bought anything in a while, but I’m looking at the moment and there are some really great shoes and boots. And their reviews are always really helpful in choosing, as I have narrow feet.
    I bought a watch from City Beach, and I love it.
    For beauty products (skincare, make-up, and some healthy home products) I shop at Nourished Life because Irene stocks products with no added nasty chemicals.

    I’m going to check out your recommendations – I haven’t heard of many of them.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 1 year ago

      I adore Nourished Life – it’s such a great shop.

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