Daily Outfit

Daily Outfit
Carly Jacobs

This was actually what I wore yesterday but I am in a nasty habit of ignoring my blog Sundays… naughty Smaggle! Yesterday I had the biggest sleep in ever and then snuck some sushi into a movie with Mister Smaggle and had a delightful picnic while watching ‘Across the Universe’. It was weird. The movie, not the sushi. And then I took my lovely friend out for dinner for her birthday to a Thai place and we drank delicious champange and chatted all night. Oh and she wore high heels (which is quite unlike her) because she read on Smaggle Style that you shouldn’t waste your high heels you should just wear them! Bless!

* White dress from Big W

* Black tie top from SES

* Black opaques from Myer

* Black flats from Zu

* Glass ring gift from Matt and Ged xxx

* Necklace from Paraphernalia and check out my post to see more stuff that I ordered from Vanda. So excited!

* Blue bow bag from Mr Smaggle last Christmas (Clever boy)

Oh and this photo was taken on Mr Smaggle’s Iphone! How awesome is that?


  1. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Oh go on Glam let him have it! They are really really cool. Even I am impressed and I don’t do phones.

    Jen – Twas the boyfriend that took this particular photo but my mum and my office buddy Browny take my pics too. I find that if you ask people to take photos of you they take it pretty seriously. Find a work mate or flat mate who is keen!

  2. glam-o-holic 14 years ago

    My boyfriend is seriously lusting after the I-phone and after seeing how lovely that photo turned out…I may just let him have it…

  3. jen 14 years ago

    question: who took the photo? My wardrobe photos turn out AWFUL b/c no one is there to capture me. i must rely on … things without spirit.

  4. softspoken 14 years ago

    you look absolutely lovely.

  5. Kerrin 14 years ago

    I love anything to do with birds – and that necklace looks divine! I like that it’s dainty and big at the same time – if you get what I mean?

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