Daily Style

Daily Style
Carly Jacobs

Today was hideously busy at work so I am posting this at home. My internet is so slow I actually had time to have a cup of tea while this photo uploaded.

* Black skirt with tattoo pattern from Munkey Business

* Black singlet top from Supre

* Black short cardigan top from Cowboys and Angels

* Red sandals from Marco Giovanni

* Red telephone earrings from Dangerfield

Oh and I am pretty excited today because I reached 1000 hits on my blog today! Thank you so much for reading my blog, you make me all blushy!


  1. Lady Smaggle 15 years ago

    He he thanks! I was checking my blog stats like a maniac all day trying to see that 1000 click over.

  2. glam-o-holic 15 years ago

    1000 hits= party time

    ( I am digging the red sandals)

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