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Daily Style
Carly Jacobs

Today was the worst washing day I have ever had so I am posting yesterdays outfit instead. Yesterday was lovely – Mr Smaggle and I dragged our hungover selves to the Kingston Markets where we ate Ethiopian food and chocolate covered strawberries. I then visited my lovely friend Matt at the Glassworks. In the afternoon we saw an anime film before having bangers and mash for dinner while watching The Office at our mates house. What a pleasant weekend. Today I worked and then visited my auntie on the way home. She has a very cool secret fashion related business opening soon that I can’t wait to tell you all about…

 * White blousy shirt from Newtown

* Denim skirt secondhand from Ebay (has a James Bond picture and the words ‘The missing link is moving underground’ written on it in permanent marker)

* Black sandals from Marco Gianni (or Giovanni… can’t remember)

* Wood dinosaur necklace gift from friends from Itrip Iskip

* My new ring that I adore!

When I went to the Glassworks my lovely friend Matt (who works there) gave me my birthday present. It’s this gorgeous glass ring by a Japanese artist called Itsuka Ito. She was studying English at the ANU and came into his work and asked to make some stuff to sell while she was here. These pictures are pretty bad but I had to get up close to show you how it looks different from different angles.

I know the photos are terrible but this ring really is stunning. It’s all smooth and bulbous like a drop of rain on a flower petal. It’s also a total mind spin because at different angles it can be all black, black and purple, clear with slashes of black or completely clear. This ring is so structurally perfect it’s just a completely satisfying piece of art. Thanks Matt and Ged – massive kisses and love to both of you!


  1. Matt & Ged 15 years ago

    Darling Lady,

    We are much heartened to read of you fondness for your new glass ring. We are also both chuffed to be mentioned on your fabulous site.

    Matt & Ged XXX

  2. Gem 15 years ago

    that ring looks super awesome! i love unique pieces of jewellery 🙂

  3. Lady Smaggle 15 years ago

    They do sell them there I think… in all different colours in the gift shop. And for handmade pieces they are really reasonably priced. The Glassworks is in Kingstion near the markets say hi to Matt for me if you go in there!

  4. Charmyne 15 years ago

    That ring is absolutely stunning…i must admit i am completely enamoured with it – is there anything else like that at glassworks? i’d love to get myself something like that!


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