Daily Style

Daily Style
Carly Jacobs

Today I am going to get my haircut at my new favourite hairdresser Johnny. Will post a photo later to show you all how it looks! I’m thinking of going a little crazy with the colour…

* Beige ribbed singlet thrifted from Braddon

* Green skirt from Smarty Pants

* Green belt from BCBG

* Black shrug from SES

* Black flats from Zu

* Coin necklace from Grandpa Smaggle. The coin is pure silver and has the date 1780 on it, and the head of the Queen of Bohemia. My grandfather gave me the choice of destroying it’s value by drilling a hole in it and wearing it around my neck or looking up the value on the Internet and he would sell the coin and keep the money for himself. At this stage neither of us knew how much it was worth. He said I could have it if I wore it and the value of it to me was more than monetary. We promptly drilled a hole in it and looked up it’s value. $200. I’m really glad I chose to wear it.

 P.S This is the skirt I was wearing the first time Mr Smaggle and I kissed… Oooooh lovers!

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    […] was perched on my friend’s shoulders. The first time Mr Smaggle kissed me I was wearing this skirt. On my first day of university I wore a vintage hounds tooth skirt with a white t-shirt and black […]

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