Daily Style

Daily Style
Carly Jacobs

I am pretty happy today but it’s mainly because I ate too many jelly beans.

* Black dress from Felt

* Grey cardigan thrifted from Salvos

* Grey and pink socks from Target

* Fave brown boots from Redpath

* Red leather flower ring from The Hive

* Yellow sunnies from Paddy’s Market

* Jack The Skeleton necklace – was a keyring I bought on Chapel Street but I thought he looked better a necklace. He is my little Tim Burton buddy.

I have to buy boring things this afternoon but I am on one hell of a sugar high so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Oh and my office mate Browny said my photos are getting too predictable. I told her that fashion is all about being pigeon toed and sulky but she forced me to try something different. So here is what my outfit would post would like if it was an Allen’s ad…


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