Daily Style – Sweet Sunday

Daily Style – Sweet Sunday
Carly Jacobs


Today I’m off to have coffee with a friend, buy my Christmas day frock (!!!) and help my friends move house. I had the most delightful morning. A friend of mine bought a whole stack of Babysitters Club books at her school library sale and I spent all morning lying in bed eating yogurt and reading. Delightful. 

* Dress from my Aunty Kerrin. (xxx)

* Cardigan from Valley Girl

* Shoes from Funkis 

* Hair clips from my friend Na from her recent trip to Austin. Hand made by a local Austin gal! 

I’m off! It’s going to be hell to find a car park a few days before Christmas…

Love Lady Smaggle



  1. fat mum slim 12 years ago

    Oh my goodness! You look so super sweet and stunning.

    Girly suits you perfectly! xx

  2. piglet 12 years ago

    That dress is so pretty, I love it with the red shoes.
    And Baby Sitters Club! I loved them!

  3. Nadist 12 years ago


  4. Lady Smaggle 12 years ago

    fat mum slim – Ha! Thanks! Little known fact… I’m actually ridiculously girly!

    Piglet – It was the best morning. Sigh!

    Nadist – Thanks love!

  5. katiecrackernuts 12 years ago

    Oh Lady Smaggle, how I’ve missed you. It’s been a while since I’ve popped by. The shoes. You have the best shoes. Bwaahhhhh.

  6. Kate 12 years ago

    Was lovely to catch up with you today. I didn’t notice those shoes you were wearing at all! Love them!

  7. The Mumma 12 years ago

    That dress is super cute!

  8. Nadine 12 years ago

    That dress is awesome and I totally adore your hair.

    No I didn’t knew that you’re a teacher, too. It’s great!

  9. Lady Smaggle 12 years ago

    katiecrackernuts – Ta! They are new!

    Kate – Hee! You’ll see them next time gadget!

    The mumma – My aunty gave it to me!

    Nadine – Thanks! Good luck with your career!

  10. reckless daughter 12 years ago

    I love that dress on you!!

  11. Lady Smaggle 12 years ago

    reckless – thanks! It’s so girly but I love it!

  12. Grant 12 years ago

    Absolutely love this ensemble post Lady Smaggle!

    I’m thinking that while you’re back in the ACT we should really organise some sort of Canberra-Bloggeratti spectacular? Possibly involving High Tea? Nina would surely be down for such an occasion, no?

    Let me know if you’re keen.


  13. Lady Smaggle 12 years ago

    Grant – YES! In Jan sometime would be sweet. I asked Lisa and I think she’s keen. I’ll facebook you!

    The Clothes Horse – Ta! Thought this look would be up your alley…

  14. The Clothes Horse 12 years ago

    You look so sweet; I especially like your red shoes.

  15. I came across your blog via Yes and Yes and will be back! I love your hair and those red shoes are fab!

  16. Na 12 years ago

    That dress is awesome. I want please. You can give it to me, I wouldn’t mind at all.

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