Carly Jacobs

Facehunter was the first ever street style blog that I found. And the day I did I spent the next 8 HOURS going through every single photo in the 2 year old archive. This site is magnificent. I won’t bore you with the details of my relationship with Facehunter because once you visit this mastermind yourself, you too will feel the love that only London (European)street style can provide. My only issue with this site is a petty one – it’s winter in London and summer where I am so the fashions are little irrelevant. So I’ve skipped back to August this year and picked a few beauties to steal summer style tips from… naughty.

Tank tops with really wide arm holes – mmm… smacky-licious.

Fascinators that sit flat against your head – try feather pads or crochet material.

Arm socks – for when those evenings get a little chilly but you still want to show off your shoulders.

T-shirt dresses – perfect for throwing on over your swimmers, layering over shorts and mini skirts or for wearing as a loose dress while sipping cocktails on a balcony over looking the ocean.

A white dress, a shit load of bangles and some red lippie. Stunning.

Strapless dresses and tops to show of your shoulders.

A funky straw hat and some well fitting jeans. Strawberry locks would be nice too if you can manage it.

Sleeveless hoodie with hoodie part actually in use! Genius.

Dressing like a doll – little hair clips, cute skirts and bows.

The maxi dress. Well come on, weren’t you all wondering where Cosmopolitan got it the trend from?


  1. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Ha ha thanks Hailey that’s the best compliment ever!

  2. Hailey 14 years ago

    I did the same thing with facehunter, right now I’ve been doing that with your site 😉

  3. Teags 14 years ago

    I am just looking at your site and looove the hoodie that the girl is wearing in “Sleeveless hoodie with hoodie part actually in use! Genius.” I’ve been looking for a couple of white ones just like that for a long time and was wondering if you had any advice where to go?
    Do you sell any of the clothes exhibited on your models?!

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