Fat Fashion and Positive Body Image – Part 2

Fat Fashion and Positive Body Image – Part 2
Carly Jacobs


As promised, here is the follow up post to my Fat Fashion post a few weeks ago. Just a few hints for the ladies out there who struggle with their self confidence. Obviously my tips won’t have you dancing naked on rooftops but hopefully they’ll steer you in the right direction… and if I do happen to inspire some alfresco nudie dancing, I require some photographic evidence.

Be kind to your body

Move it or lose it. I know it’s a lot of effort and there are plenty of you who manage to look like Kate Moss with out lifting a finger or dropping a donut but I cannot stress how important it is for your mental well being to exercise. Break a sweat everyday – go for a walk, a bike ride or play some football in the park. And for god’s sake eat some vegetables. Raw ones. By themselves and not drenched in flavouring. Do this every day. Drink water. Not soft drink, juice or Red Bull. Plain water. It won’t kill you.

Do something for yourself

Watch a crappy movie and give yourself a manicure, buy a ridiculously expensive fashion magazine and read it in the bath or buy yourself a killer pair shoes. Who’s feeling sexy now?

Take this Saturday night off

Do not write yourself off every single Saturday night because you think you should. You will inevitably wake up feeling like trash on Sunday and you will waste the whole day eating junk and sleeping yourself stupid. Have a glass of wine but be in bed at a decent hour. Get up early and go for a walk and have a healthy breakfast.

Surround yourself with positive people

Ditch the bitches who put you down. All of them. Your dodgy boyfriend with the ‘no fat chicks’ sticker on his car, your friend with food issues who raises her eyebrows every time you order a hamburger and that weird lady who works at the corner cafe and questions your choice of full fat milk. You deserve to be surrounded by butterfly people who sprinkle fairy dust over you. Don’t accept anything less.

Make an effort

Don’t be lame. Get dressed with purpose in the morning. And don’t give me any of your ‘I am too busy and tired’ crap. When I’m running on five hours sleep the only thing that makes me function is a half hour morning jog, a cool shower, some vitamins, a good breakfast, some sparkly eyeshadow and lashings of mascara. Chandelier earrings also help. You’ll look as gross as you feel if you wear daggy jeans and don’t wash your hair.

Make yourself irreplaceable

In every aspect of your life. If other people value you, then naturally you will start to value yourself. At work, make sure that you are on the ball so that the place falls apart when you’re away. With your friends, make sure you are the one that remembers their birthday and rescues them when their car breaks down. With your partner, be the best lover and friend that you can be. Make people crave your company and make sure the reputation that you have among them is fabulous. Obviously don’t be a door mat but nothing will make you glow more than being helpful and kind.

So off you go my little sugar pies! Get yourself a massage, take a spin class, paint your toenails and wear a gorgeous tiara. Make the effort and reap the rewards. What’s the alternative? Sitting around in your tracksuit pants drinking sugar crud and eating fat balls? Mmmm! Appetising!

Be fabulous!

Love Lady Smaggle


Disclaimer – I’m attending a boozy girls dinner this evening so if anyone sees me stumbling around the streets of Canberra in a drunken stupor please don’t judge me. I went to the gym today and I ate sushi for lunch. I deserve some gin, god damn it!


  1. Nadist 13 years ago

    Awesome. Love all of this. Sparkly eyeshadow or pretty earrings or otherwise making an effort show self-respect. Being fit is like having a super-power; need to run in a hurry? Hey, you CAN! 😀

  2. E 13 years ago

    Oh yeah – look after the bod and don’t accept anything less-than!

    As an aside, if you aspire to the black belt 5th dan of feeling fabulous, you will need to develop the skill of dealing with those horribly insecure people who don’t love themselves and feel threatened by those who do. They can creep up like pesky ninjas – life is too short to take on other folks feckwittage if it involves wallowing in self-loathing along with them – be vigilant!

    Statuesque, fairy-dust sprinkler


  3. Shannon 13 years ago

    I love this post – you are so unapologetically BE POSITIVE. It’s great.

  4. Josephine 13 years ago

    very well said lady. i especially agree with the ‘surround yourself with positive people sentiment’, for me, nothing makes more of a difference to my well being than who i interact with.

  5. Chantelle 13 years ago


    I love everything you’ve said here. You’re so spot on.

    Thank you. x

  6. x Miss Corrine x 13 years ago

    I loved everything about this, Lady Smaggle – you are simply marvellous. Thank-you x

  7. YB 13 years ago

    thank you smaggle-riffic! part of me being good to me is keeping up with your blog. sometimes it makes me laugh out loud and always puts a smile on my face. mil besos!

  8. Andrea 13 years ago

    Yay! This made me happy. Thank you.

  9. Tash 13 years ago

    Wow wat a lovely and inspiring thing to write on a blog! Awesome Lady Smaggle, u must be such a positive person…luv ur blog! xo

  10. Sim 13 years ago

    I love you & your blog, for not sugar coating anything, but not being a scary monster either. Kudos to the fabulous work you’re doing here 🙂

    Grosses bises madame!

  11. Sal 13 years ago

    You are beyond fabulous. I especially applaud this suggestion, “Get dressed with purpose in the morning.” YES! If you feel like crap and dress like crap, you will CONTINUE to feel like crap. Putting in some effort can actually help turn the tide!

  12. serpentine 13 years ago

    I think all of this is great advice. I’m chomping through a big bag of raw carrots right now and can honestly say since I started to exercise every day and eat masses of fruit and veg I definitely feel so much better.

  13. Julia 13 years ago

    i love you, lady smaggle

  14. Lady Smaggle 13 years ago

    Nadist – I know! I don’t know why people don’t just move their butts. I guess it’s kind of lucky that I’m a fatty if I don’t do it.

    E – Oh I HATE people like that. And you are SUCH a fairy dust sprinkler!

    Shannon – Thanks! It’s the only way I function. Just whack on a smile and deal with the crap!

    Chantelle – Glad you agree!

    Miss Corrine – You’re welcome my angel!

    YB – Aw thanks…

    Andrea – That’s a lovely thing to say! That was the point too!

    Tash – Shucks! And blush!

    Sim – Ha ha! We certainly don’t sugar coat things here at Smaggle!

    Sal – I just don’t understand why people think tracksuit pants will make them fell better. It’s mental.

    Serpentine – It’s so hard to get it through to people to eat real food! I just ate a MASSIVE salad and I feel fab!

    Julia – Oh thanks love!

  15. songy 13 years ago

    I am getting lots of positive energy reading this. Fabulous.
    I find blogging is great as we are getting surrounded by positive people as bloggers and those who comment are generally very very nice. Wouldn’t you say?


    oh in case you are wondering I landed in your blog by accident while clicking around in Imelda. My stylus pen just clicked something in random and voila. When I saw your site my inner voice said ‘oh hello, how lovely is this?!’


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