Finding Your Passion When You’re Totally Lost

Finding Your Passion When You’re Totally Lost
Carly Jacobs

The concept of finding your passion can feel a little a little trite. What even is a passion? Do you need one? Can you have several? What counts as a passion? Does it have to be something considered intelligent like ancient history or archeology? Or can true crime (guilty!) or collecting Beanie Babies be seen as legit passions without people scoffing at you every time you talk about it?

Have you ever been sitting in a room where people are talking enthusiastically about having spent their weekend water skiing/singing in their band/planting vegetables for spring and you’re like ‘I ate some food and it was good!’.

finding your passion

If you’re looking for a passion (or looking to legitimatise an interest that you don’t think is important enough to be considered a passion) this week’s episode of Straight & Curly delves into the land of passions and how to find them and grow them.

Topics included –

  • Do you even need to have a passion?
  • How do you itentify an interest as a passion? And what’s the difference between an interest and a passion?
  • If your work isn’t also a passion, are you losing at life?
  • What subject could you read 500 books about and not get bored?

You can listen below or on your favourite podcast app.

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Are you having trouble finding your passion? Or do you already know exactly what it is?

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