Five Favourite Fashion Bloggers

Five Favourite Fashion Bloggers
Carly Jacobs

I have only been reading fashion blogs for about a year but I must say I have become quite the expert. I have a long list of favourites that I flick through every morning (around 50 – eep!) but there are a few that I linger on a little longer and read a little more carefully. I feel like a five year old who saves up their pocket money to buy a big bag of lollies but leaves their favourites until last…

Style Bubble – The Liquorice Allsort

Susie Bubble was the first fashion site I ever found. She is an eclectic mix of all things weird and wonderful in the world of fashion and style. Her site is full of designer fashions, London street trends, daily outfits (which are just incredible) and post on magazines, books, movies, everything! She also updates daily which is a huge draw card. I always save the Bubble for last so I get that delicious liquorice taste that lasts all day. She is also incredibly humble about her obvious fashion talents and is really honest. She gives credit where it’s due but she won’t ever bullshit you. Her personal style is seriously amazing. Descriptions are futile – check it out for yourself. This photo is from Facehunter.  

Style Bytes – The Fine Belgian Truffle

Except that she’s not Belgian. She’s Norwegian. And she’s awesome. She has the ability to pin point exactly what makes an outfit work and she can pick trends straight from the catwalk and apply them to her own wardrobe effortlessly. My favourite section of her site is her DIY posts. She has such simple and creative ideas for making your own catwalk accessories on a budget. The reason for the truffle analogy is her personal style – She never goes O.T.T, her accessories are perfectly placed, there is often a taste of the unusual but she blends it perfectly with the rest of her ensemble. She is truly the epitome of a finely crafted European delicacy.

The Vintage Society – The Lolly Pop

She is colourful, bright, bubbly and impeccably groomed. She mixes colours, styles, patterns and seasons to perfection. But as her title indicates she is trapped in a different era than the rest of us. She looks to me like she should be spending her days riding a bike with a little basket full of flowers, playing with puppies in fields of daisies and strolling to the local milk bar to buy a milkshake. However in real life she is just about to open a vintage store in LA called The Vintage Society and she is tracking her progress on this blog. She also has outfit posts, outfit challenges (which are HILARIOUS!) and my favourite The Vintage Society Girl of the Week. Visit this blog for a good old fashion style fix!

Flying SaucerThe Jelly Baby

This spring chicken is still in her teens but don’t let youth fool you. She is sharp and on the mark with trends and she is a genius at creating catwalk looks with her current wardrobe and cheap chain store additions. She’s fun and funky and dresses the way she wants unapologetically. She provides a completely different view of fashion which is I why love her. She is my Jelly Baby blogger – young, colourful, funky and comes in a variety of colours. Plus her hair is divine… like a goddess.

Gala Darling – The Hello Kitty Strawberry Flavoured Candy

This is Gala Lumiere Darling. She is fabulous, joyous, wonderful and amazing. Seriously, her blog is so positive and uplifting you just walk around with a smile on your face all day. Although I regularly indulge in her daily outfit posts her site is so much more than a fashion blog. She updates daily with insightful posts on things like relationships, decorating, parties, self improvement, beauty, movies and general loveliness. My particular favourites are Things I love Thursdays where everyone makes a list of things they love and Carousel where on Fridays she provides a list of great links that she has collected over the week. She is my funky Japanese candy blogger – beautifully presented, stupidly gorgeous and full of juicy strawberry goodness! She also gets extra points for being a major Michael Jackson fan.


  1. selina 14 years ago

    ah wow! my friends even call me jelly bean (selina, seli, jeli, you get it) thank you! i am very flatered and love your description! i’ll be adding your blog to my links list immediately!

  2. Gala 14 years ago

    I luuuuuurve you 😀
    Hey, what have you done about your hair situation? I would go in & tell him you’re unhappy with the cut. He might be a bit upset but ultimately, you’re his customer & he will want to keep you happy…

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