Giselle Shepatin

Giselle Shepatin
Carly Jacobs

I was waiting to meet my friend for dinner last week and she was little late so I curled up in one of the leather chairs in the craft section of Borders and read the exquisite, yet over priced foreign art magazines. It was in Belle Armoire that I discovered the whimsical fancies of the talented Giselle Shepatin. It’s worth visiting her site just for the gorgeous layout and rich, rustic colours. With a BFA under her belt as well as an MA specialising in textiles her works are far more about art than fashion. She is a great believer in recycled fashion and economic design and she follows her pieces through every stage of production. I adore how organic her work is and I am big fan of her general colour scheme. I find her taupes, browns and forrest greens are such flattering colours and her fabrics are to die for.

Unfortunately I am not dignified or classy enough for her clothes just yet but maybe in a few years time I will have read enough literature, visited enough art galleries and travelled the world enough to be able to carry myself with the confidence and grace needed to truly do Giselle’s designs justice. And I know many of you are reading this and wondering why her pieces seem so familiar… Seen Cirque du Soleil recently? She designs and sells clothing for the entry tents and stores. So is it really any wonder why her clothes make me want to frolic in forrests with bare feet and flowers in my hair…


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