Hair Dilemma

Hair Dilemma
Carly Jacobs

Being the disgruntled owner of the the Smaggle Crop is starting to wear thin. When I was sixteen it was a veritable mess of frizzy curl and pen lids were known to disappear into there for days. My pet budgie experienced a few tense moments in fro as well. As I am getting older the curls are softening and and the underneath is turning straight and it’s annoying the crap out me. My lovely new hairdresser Johnny worked wonders with it last time I got it cut so I returned for a colour job yesterday. I asked for something crazy and wild. He enthusiastically replied that he was going to do big chunks of black, red and gold all through it and it would look marvelous with my complexion. 2 1/2 hours and $150 later I look like this…

Exactly the same as I looked yesterday. Excellent. I am obviously not happy but what do to do in such a situation? He is a fabulous cutter who is booked to the max all the time and he is lovely. He also cuts the hair of Mr Smaggle and his mother! So naturally cutting ties (so to speak) would be difficult but I want to keep him anyway because he is awesome at cutting. I have decided I have to do one of three things…

* I can call and complain and have him do what I asked. This option makes me look like a whingey bitch but at least I get what I paid for. This also makes future hair cuts quite awkward. And possibly non-existant.

* I can wait until my appointment in December and complain then. This is the pussy option but at least he won’t get offended. And a retrospective complaint will be much nicer than the one he would he get if I spoke to him today.

* I can get someone else to colour it in the meantime and then go to him for cuts only and let the colour of my hair tell the story of disappointment.  

Suggestions? Like how to get over the fact that I just set fire to $150? Oh and that’s $150 WITH NO CUT. Scissors did not touch my hair. Angry face.


  1. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    It’s such a delicate situation! Thanks for all the advice. I am still thinking about it. He is so nice and I really don’t want to upset him. Ahhh! So annoying! Thanks for all the advice I think I might have to be a woose about it though. Will let you all know what I think.

  2. Mrs Munk 14 years ago

    dude. I say tell him now. 150 bucks is alot for no cutting at all….but thats just what i would do.
    can’t really see much of a colour difference either…maybe thats just my lame work computers fault tho…
    and i have an awesome hairdresser who I’m sure would be able to master your curls if you ever need a newie

  3. gilda 14 years ago

    oh my god i feel really sorry that that happened!! i usually get wild changes in hair color (from brunette to blong to black to pink, you get the story) so i usually do see great changes, but the first time i decided to color my hair in new york, i popped into a random salon (i’m new here) and went in for a purple hair color. my hair turned out almost black. i paid almost 200 for it but err, i told the guy i’m never coming back.

    i think you should definitely call and say you’re disappointed!!

  4. Severine 14 years ago

    I had something like this happen with a perm rather than color. I asked for soft waves and looked like a poodle when I left. I went home then called immediately. She was pissed that I made her stay late because I was coming back but too bad. You don’t get paid that much for screwing up someone’s looks. My hair was badly damaged and I had to cut it off later. I never went back. Johnny may be nice but if he doesn’t do what he’s supposed to then he isn’t good at his job and you should tell him. If you don’t other people will get the same treatment and you might get it in the future since he got away with it this time.

  5. Gervy 14 years ago

    If you are REALLY happy with his cuts, I say keep going for that and go elsewhere for the colour. He will get the message.

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