Weekly Style Report: Maxis, Head Scarves and An Almost Street Stack

Weekly Style Report: Maxis, Head Scarves and An Almost Street Stack
Carly Jacobs

ello gorgoeus creatures! The weather in Melbourne has been OFF THE CHARTS this week! It’s like weird post-apocolypse weather where it’s all windy and the streets are desserted as if giant radioactive cats have wiped out the entire city. It’s freaking me out man. Not to mention that it’s doing seriously weird things to my hair. Hence the head scarves situation this week. Here’s what I’ve been wearing for the last few days. Big improvement on my Daily Sack habit from last week.

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smaggle-daily-outfit 3

Dress from Gap 

Cardigan from Birdsnest 

Ballet flats from Style Tread

Scarf from my lovely friend Na for a birthday many years ago

Worn for:

Writing, an accountability Skype meeting with my freelancer mate so we can yell each other for not getting our work done, a super quick trip to the supermarket to buy bananas and an evening of Pinning in front of the TV. It was a pretty rivetting day.

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smaggle-daily-outfit 1

Dress from ASOS

Wrap cardigan from Zhai

Headscarf from Sportsgirl

Necklace is a Delhi metro token I had made into a pendant

‘Carly’ loafers from Boots for Broads (It’s my auntie’s business and I’ve been waiting YEARS to have a shoe name after me and it finally happened!)

Sunglasses from Randolph (I am seriously never wearing any other kind of sunglasses ever. Sold for life.)

Worn for:

Being a teeny bit hungover after my birthday drinks on Saturday night and then having a cleansing beer at the opening night of my besties play Reasons to Be Pretty. You should definitely go and see it – it’s really funny but kind of raw and real too. There was one part where the audience all collectively gasped. Best reaction ever. It’s part of the Fringe Festival in Melbourne and it’s only on this week so get in quick! It’s on at The Wilde on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy until Saturday. Fun fact: Billie Piper was in the 2011 London production.)

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smaggle-daily-outfit 2

 Here’s an outtake for your amusement. I nearly fell over and lost my scarf at the same time and then when I looked back on the photo at home I realised it also looks like my hair is on fire. So fashion. Much blogger.

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Tell me… what are you wearing today? Old faithfuls? Something new and pretty? Flats? Heels?


  1. reclaimingyourfuture 8 years ago

    I ADORE your second look Carly – love the headscarf (I’m always too afraid to try it out). And finally! I’ve found another Aussie who likes Asos! Everyone I meet looks at me like ‘what the hell is Asos’ and I have to try not to say ‘the greatest place on Earth’!

    Tell Melbs to short it’s weather out – I want it to be sunny for next Monday! 😀

    Today my clothes are work out leggings with holes in them (I’m a classy girl!), sneakers and a t-shirt with a cartoon giraffe on the front because, who says you have to grow up?!

    Happy Birthday again – hope the hangover represents you partied in style!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      Who doesn’t know about ASOS? I’ve been all over that FOR YEARS!!! I’m pretty sure the weather is looking grand next week! Perfect time to be here! xxx

  2. Love your outtake pic! And you know how much I love headscarves. Turbans forever x

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      All the way! Especially when the weather is so bloody awful here at the moment!

  3. emmabovary 8 years ago

    outtake pic is the bomb! Today I’m wearing cuffed blue jeans and a plain grey tee – was nice and easy to take off for my wedding dress fitting today! That was a much more exciting outfit for about 30 mins lol

  4. sunny 8 years ago

    That first outfit… I adore it. I would wear a variation on that every day to work if I had such cute clothes! as it is, I wear a skirt to work with a tee or tunic and a cardigan. It’s winter now in the States so I should soon add tights to the daily uniform. I need a dress like yours!


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