How to store your ridiculously large collection of jewellery…

How to store your ridiculously large collection of jewellery…
Carly Jacobs

Oh my. The delightful LC of Fops and Dandies wrote a post about her jewellery collection and very kindly included photos. She also asked for a peek at her readers’ collections. I decided to take her up on her challenge and take a snap of my jewels. I now realize what a big, big freak I am. The shame is palpable. I obviously had a vision of me with a room-sized, Scrooge like vault full of beads and diamantes and I would dive from a springboard into the pool of bling and swim laps in it for my morning exercise, getting high from sniffing faux pearls and rubbing necklaces all over my face. With out further self deprecation I present to you the Smaggle jewellery collection… Don’t judge me.

This is how I store my rings. I have a small set of drawers and I keep rings in the top drawers.

And brooches in the middle one. And the last one I keep broken stuff and random things that I don’t know what to do with but I won’t show you that because it’s boring. 

This is my earring collection. I used to keep them hung around a beer stein but the stein got too small so I moved to my pin board. I also keep my bracelets pinned here. 

Here is my bangle collection. I used to keep my bangles in an old fish tank but the tank got too small so they live in a dog’s basket now.

Okay it get’s a little scary now. These are my necklaces.

Mama Smaggle bought me the iron lady a few years ago and she looks gorgeous draped in all my finery. The only issue is that I am really impatient and instead of calmly lifting the top layer of necklaces to get to the bottom I just rip them off and break them all the time. Lucky I can fix them most of the time but I recently broke one that I can’t fix (which is really special) so I am starting to re-think this system.

All of my super special jewellery I keep in a real jewellery box that used to belong to Mama Smaggle. I’d been trying to get my hands on it for years and she finally relented and gave it to me last year. Super special jewellery includes a glass ring from Matt & Ged, handmade propeller earrings from my friend Tae, A bangle and a ring from Mr Smaggle, a graduation gift from Mama Smaggle, stupidly expensive but mega gorgeous earrings from Bijoux and a wooden dinosaur necklace from my friends. Apparently I hold safety pins, beading needles and thumbtacks up there with my most prized possessions as well.

Do visit LC and send her a snap of your jewels. There is something so deliciously voyeuristic about seeing what resides on other people’s dressing tables. 

I plan to do the rest of my accessories later. That’s right – scarves, bags, hair pieces etc. 

I feel like I need to donate money to charity now.

Love Lady Smaggle





  1. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Miss Schlegel – Yes it is a penis. I got it as a prize at a Hen’s night. I actually really like it. It’s very Vivienne Westwood.

    Kerrin – You can go through my drawers anytime you like! 🙂

  2. Miss Schlegel 14 years ago

    There’s a ring in the upper middle of the box that looks like a penis. Is it a penis?

    Penis ring aside, i am leaking with envy.

  3. Kerrin 14 years ago

    That was the most fun I’ve had in ages!! It was just like I was allowed to snoop through all your stuff and open your drawers (which of course I would never do).
    Um – that does look like a penis!!


  4. Ivy 14 years ago

    Oh my god, I don’t know why but I got such a buzz from snooping at your jewellery collection. I do the necklace thing too.. and tend to rip the bottom ones out and break them.. But well done, it’s actually pretty organised! I love that tiger cuff. Now I think I might do a post on my jewellery too!

  5. Lauren 14 years ago

    WOW! your iron lady is incredible!! thanks for sharing your collection. i love that black bunny pin.

  6. selina 14 years ago


  7. princessnaea 14 years ago

    aw the dinosaur is in your special box? that is so lovely! and, my god woman, your collection and your organisation is envious. all mine are usually just shoved in a pile in a bowl where i have scrounge around and unravel tangled things for hours to find anything.
    i keep my earrings on an old champagne saucer but its not big enough any more so i’m thinking of investing in one of those earring trees from Pocket Monster.

  8. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Ivy – I know! I get the same thing when I look at other people’s jewellery boxes. I love the tiger cuff too. Diana Vreeland is my idol and she had two and Mr Smaggle surprised me for my birthday last year! He is very clever.

    Lauren – I’m glad you found it! I was going to send you the link but you got to me first. Thanks for the posting inspiration.

    Na – Of course it is! I’m terrified one of the teeth will get broken if I hang it on the lady.

    Gervy – Not usually. I actually have very few basic pieces. They are all statement. I don’t even have a plain a pendant on a chain! True story.

  9. Gervy 14 years ago

    You have a treasure trove that any pirate would be proud of…

    Do you actually forget some of the stuff you have and then re-buy it?


  10. Sam 14 years ago

    I think I’ve never seen such a big jewellery collection. It’s amazing and I’m feeling a bit jealous over here haha


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