How to Wear a Scarf – Part 2

How to Wear a Scarf – Part 2
Carly Jacobs

Dear Readers,

There is something about scarves that you should know. It may not have been evident due to the careful editing of my How to Wear a Scarf – Part 1 post but if you wish to become a true inspiration to the scarf wearing clan I’m about to tell you something that could potentially change your life. And take you to an expert level of scarf wearing. Ready? You don’t have to wear a scarf around your neck. It’s shocking, I know. For the next installment of How to Wear a Scarf we’re going to get a little kooky, a little weird… a little experimental.

Why not try beautiful clean make up with a scarf around your head? Make sure you show a little hair to avoid that widow look.

I’m sorry but the coolness of this is ASTOUNDING – Wear your scarf UNDERNEATH your jacket with artistic fringes peeking through the neck and hem.

Wear two scarves at once! One up high in a bow and longer one tied down low. That’s poetry. Oh and if you could be as cute as this girl that would be good.

My new obsession. A short scarf and a necklace. It’s much easier to pull this off if you’re French.

And again! Only this time it’s Paraphernalia. I have this necklace in red and I love it. I fully intend on wearing it with a scarf sometime in the near future. And cutting my hair into a blunt bob.

Why not wear your scarf like a hood? With a devilishly shaggy fringe?

Bunch your scarf up like a roll neck jumper and wear it with a mega collar. On a bike. With a basket holding a French bread stick and a bunch of wild flowers. Okay so I may have analysed that one a little too much…

Okay. Can everyone please promise that in the next week you will wear a scarf tied in a bow on your head? You will be depriving the world of serious amounts of cuteness if you don’t.

A big arse neck bow. How delightful.

Don’t even get me started on the structural brilliance of this. Not only is the head piece INSANELY AWSOME she is also wearing one of the most beautiful scarves I’ve ever seen. Multiple scarves. Why the hell didn’t I think of that? Photos from Facehunter.

Oh and I was trawling through Style Bytes (surprise, surprise) and I know poor Agathe must think I am a stalker but she is quite simply an amazing style icon. And her scarf wearing skills are truly extraordinary. Barely a day goes by when this sartorial delight doesn’t don a scarf and although she is conservative in her placement of this accessory (usually around her neck) the style, structure and colour of her scarves is a visual phenomenon.  

 Go forth and conquer my little Scarfy MrScarfersons!

Love Lady Smaggle



  1. Joy 14 years ago

    hey! i know the blonde girl with the bob! she is a swedish fashion blogger. here is her swedish blog: and here is her english livejournal where she posts even MORE of her fabulous pics:

  2. hannah 14 years ago

    I love Paraphernalia! And your clothes, as well. And I’m so glad to heard that you’re from Australia too (I’m from Melbourne (:)

    Do you mind me asking where you purchased your Paraphernalia necklaces? I’ve been looking for the red heart necklace that you have (as well as the Fauna goldfish necklace), and I’ve heard the heart necklace is available in Lockworks here in the Melb CBD. Was just wondering if there was anywhere else that stocked such wonderful jewelry!

    Thanks so much for the help! <3

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