If You Could Steal The Style Of One Celebrity Who Would It Be?

If You Could Steal The Style Of One Celebrity Who Would It Be?
Carly Jacobs

So there’s this blogger that I absolutely love and I’ve been following her for years – her name is Jess and her blog is Would Jess Like It?. She basically writes about stuff and whether or not she liked it and she’s freaking hilarious. She’s guest posting on Smaggle today talking about her celebrity fashion inspirations and non-corporate office attire. 


haven’t always dressed the way I do now. I used to have a normal job in administration. Then I became a freelance theatre person, and things changed.

With this career, I get to power-clash in meetings and wear my hair as big as I like. It’s OK to wear an oversized blouse with Picasso’s Guernica printed on it, tucked into a skirt made from fishnet stockings. The longer I’ve been in the freelance world, the more freeing my fashion choices have become. I’ve also realised that many women work in environments that are constrictive when it comes to fashion.

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Corporate fashion, with its non-clashing tones, its brittle footwear, and its lack of personalised hoops, doesn’t allow a lot of room for experimentation, individuality, or display of one’s cultural background. The number of times my sister and I have felt the need to flatten down our heads of Eastern European Jewish curls to look “professional” in an office environment is too high. The number of times I’ve assumed blisters and pinched toes are the price to pay for looking professional is also too high.

A few years ago, I started wearing high top sneakers everywhere. Not only did they fill my daily quota for animal print, but also sneakers are so comfortable. They’re the sorts of shoes that you can run in to make the bus, to make a quick escape from someone trying to hurt you, or, on a lighter note, pursue and hug that friendly greyhound who does the same morning walk as you.

But. You know that saying, “don’t dress for the job you have; dress for the job you want”? The job I really want is to be a back-up dancer in a Missy Elliott video clip.

Sometime after I embraced the wearing of high tops on the regular, I began the slow move towards sportswear. In particular, the Adidas trackies that Missy wears in all her video clips.

When Missy wears sportswear, it’s saying something very particular. She embodies a mixture of comfort, swagger, precious jewels, fierce lippy and one particular lip snarl that says “I’ve got this, ladies. I’ve got myself sorted, and I’ve got you too”.

Missy makes the following fashion decisions in life and art:

– Missy has amazing female vocalists guest star in her clips so she can propel them even further up the chain of glory.

– Missy wears an Adidas ballgown and a feather-emblazoned leather hat for posh occasions.

– Missy dresses up little girls to be fierce in tracksuits, helping them to realise fierceness can be more important than sexiness, or that actually, the two can go together, one day, when they’re old enough. There is more than one way to be sexy, and it doesn’t necessarily involve the showing of skin. If it does, that’s totally fine with Missy, because she doesn’t judge.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 6.55.09 PM

– When one of Missy’s besties died, she wore a jacket with her face on it. Has anyone ever done that for you? Missy has also been known to wear a pair of jeans with her own face painted on the leg, because what a woman.

– Missy puts on one MORE accessory before leaving the house, rather than taking one off. Suck on that, Karl Lagerfeld.

Here’s the thing about Missy’s brand of sportswear: it’s comfortable, but it’s not casual. Missy’s style is as fearless and trailblazing as her music. She’s an inspiration for me to sport fashion that displays a lot more of the fire inside of me, to emphasise inner qualities that are both beautiful and brave.

I look forward to telling her this one day at my Fantasy Feminist BFF dinner party. She can sit between Tanya Plibersek and bell hooks, across from Amy Poehler and Ilana Glazer, and relish in the dress code of “fabulous”.

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Which celebrity’s style have you felt inspired or empowered by in the past?


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  1. Dr Na 7 years ago

    SWINTON! I just have to work better on looking like an alien, and getting more McQueen.

  2. emmabovary 7 years ago

    I would have to go down a less exciting route and say the Olsen twins – I love their love of layering and they wear colour in a really interesting way, but ultimately their street style is really gorgeous and I could see myself working it into my ‘real life’ in suburbia more easily than I would the style of any other celebrity!

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