India Day One – Delhi, Markets and Learning To Not Poison Myself.

India Day One – Delhi, Markets and Learning To Not Poison Myself.
Carly Jacobs

Today was my first day in India and I’m completely exhausted, culture shocked and over stimulated. I’m not even really sure how to write about this whole experience. I’m going to start with photos…

With the beautiful Eden at Sydney airport.

We were lucky enough to score two empty seats EACH on our first flight, so we curled up like kittens and slept and chatted the whole time. On our second flight we had exit row seats. Amazing plane karma.

This gorgeous girl and her mother were making Diwali celebration art on our hotel foyer hall.

This was the beautiful finished piece we saw when we returned home that evening.

Our tour guide Sam enlisted the help of his friend to sort out our sim cards for our phones. He led us down these terrifying stairs to an ancient looking photo studio and we each had 15 passport photos printed although we only needed one. This place was like a time capsule of the past.

Waiting for our photos to be printed.

With my beautiful friend Eden after giant potato pancakes at the night markets.

I’ll be back soon with a post about what I’ve learned in India so far. Rule number one – don’t lick the money. I’ll explain that one in my next post. Also the other lovelies on this trip are Eden, Misho and Kelly please do follow them for their own experience.

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  1. edenland 8 years ago

    You money-licken fiend. Love your pics. Happy Diwali, lady xxx

    • Author
      Smaggle 8 years ago

      You’re sitting next to me as I type this but imma say it anyway. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  2. Dr Na 8 years ago

    Gorgeous photos love! lots of love. xx

  3. Anonymous 8 years ago

    Carly, thanks for sharing your experiences thus far – I love your perspective on things and your sage advice about not licking money! Whoohoo! xx

    • Author
      Smaggle 8 years ago

      Definitely don’t lick the money. Baaaaad idea.

  4. always Josefa 8 years ago

    gorgeous photos, love the dress, can’t wait to follow this incredible adventure

  5. Eden's sister Linda 8 years ago

    Sheesh, how brave you all were to walk down those stairs to get the photos taken. Totally reminded me of poor ol’ Marcellus Wallace in THAT scene!!!

    • Author
      Smaggle 8 years ago

      That’s totally what was going through my head.

  6. Quirky75 8 years ago

    Tales of having your pic taken have made me laugh. It’s exactly the same in Dubai, I don’t think that process has changed here since the 70s, but we only get 8 copies. 🙂

    • Author
      Smaggle 8 years ago

      Honestly everything takes so long here!

  7. Twitchy 8 years ago

    Dont. Lick. The MONNEEYYYYYY!!!!!
    So sorry- I remembered about the chocolate-coated coffee beans but I FORGOT about my Desert-Dog Dad’s top travel tip: charcoal tablets. Reckons they saved him more than once in Asia and Africa. Oops. You’ll be fiiiiiiiiiine x

    • Author
      Smaggle 8 years ago

      It’s been a week and I think we are going to make it out alive!

  8. Harlow 8 years ago

    Wow!!!! Everything looks so exotic! I hope you’re alright…also, hand sanitizer is an important thing to have on you, I took so many bottles of it when I went to Russia this year and I think it really saved me. My partner laughed at me for being overly paranoid but I got the last laugh when he had to start popping those charcoal pills ;P

    • Author
      Smaggle 8 years ago

      We are practically BATHING in it!


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