How To Wear Jogger Pants

How To Wear Jogger Pants
Carly Jacobs

Jogger pants have become a whole thing recently, to point where I can’t ignore them. To the point where I actually purchased some and I wear them regularly because they’re SO COMFORTABLE.

I struggle with calling them jogger pants through. I’m Australian. They’re trakkies. Or trakky-daks. To me ‘joggers’ are running shoes. Honestly, I think we need to start a world wide glossary of fashion terms and just decide what we’re going to call certain things and stick to it. Although I do think it’s odd that Australians call track suits, track suits. ‘Track’ is a very American thing. They run ‘track’, they train for ‘track’. We don’t ‘track’ in Australia really. Language is hard. Don’t get me started.

jogger pants

Anyway, I bought these ‘jogger pants’ almost 2 years ago because they’re cotton (you know how much I love my cotton) and they’re super comfy. It was one of those weird lunch time purchases late last year. I left my co-working space in Windsor and went for my usual walk to the health food store to grab a carob bear (have you tried them? They’re actually amazing if you’re trying to go low dairy) and they just kind of ended up being bought as I walked down the street. I’ll be honest, I don’t tend wear them outside my house too often but with the weather starting to get a little bit warmer but not quite warm enough for bare legs, they’ve been touring the streets of Melbourne quite a bit recently. They’re also rad for travelling.

jogger pants


Jogger pants from Sussan

Top from Target 

Shoes from Toms

As a very occasional pants-wearer here are my top tips for wearing ‘trendy’ (is that even the word people use these days?) pants if they’re not really your thang but you just can’t let the comfort slide. Here’s how to wear jogger pants.

1. Embrace them

They’re not everyone’s style (least of all mine!) but they’re surprisingly versatile and you can do a lot with them. It’s all in the material and how you style them up. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. Also follow Nat at Make It Look Easy. She wears drop crotch jogger pants all the time and makes them look awesome.

jogger pants

2. Dress them up 

I want to say it was Sarah Jessica Parker who normalised the wearing of high heels with jogger pants and I can’t say I’m sorry she did. I actually quite like that baseball player silhouette they give on the lower half your body and high heels will accentuate your calves like a mofo. Love it. You can also get gorgeous lux versions in sequins and silk. Who doesn’t want to go to a party or a wedding feeling like you’re wearing pyjamas?

3. Dress them down 

I’ve never understood people who can wear jeans to picnics or other casual events that require sitting on the floor. Don’t they cut off your circulation??? How do you cross your legs? Or avoid eating too much cheese and having cheese regret? I have no such issues with jogger pants, it’s like wearing yoga pants. Or no pants.

4. Pay attention to fit 

Jogger pants have been on the butts of every tiny fashion week attendee for years now and careful consideration I think I’ve got the fit theory nailed. They need to be firm fitting or just loose fitting. Too baggy and it looks like you’ve borrowed your brother’s footy pants. A regular fit makes it look like you have PE class in 5th period. You know what I mean?

jogger pants

5. If all else fails, you’ve got some fancy loungewear now 

If you fork out for some hot jogger pants but they’re not really floating your boat, retire them immediately to your loungewear pile. There’s no point in trying to force something that’s just not happening and the good news is they’re crazy comfy so it’s win win either way.

This outfit was worn for quite frankly, one of the most insane weeks. I took on a few new freelance jobs (you know with all that spare time I have *snort*), released the latest Crochet Coach pattern (it’s a footy beanie), proof read the final draft of the upcoming Straight & Curly book (squee!), worked on heaps of briefs for brands, did some magazine editing for Secret Blogger’s Business, locked in topics and recording dates for Sweet Teen Club, and worked on the book I’m writing for Crochet Coach. Is it too early for wine?

Do you own jogger pants? How do you style them?

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  1. Missy D 5 years ago

    Not sure you fit enough into your week there. 😉 You will definitely need wine tonight!

    I’m actually a bit confused because these don’t really look like ‘track pants’ at all, they look more like jean cut-offs. When I think of track pants I think of fleece pants with a draw-cord (super sexy). Are these are a different kind?

    Anyways, yes, I have track pants, but they are definitely not stylish like the ones you have on – strictly for exercising and lazying at home. 😉

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Yes. Wine will happen! These are jogger pants – drawstring waist and really soft stretchy cotton fabric! I didn’t even realise they looked like jeans but now you mention they do!

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