New Boots – Daily Style

New Boots – Daily Style
Carly Jacobs

Spent the day at the library researching African jewellery, ate fresh carrots and sundried tomato gluten free toast for lunch, just about to head to the gym and then off to have coffee with a friend. I then plan on drinking wine and having dinner with the Smaggles! 

* Dress from DFO in Canberra

* Cardigan from Valley Girl in Canberra

* Obi belt thrifted from Salvos in Canberra

* Tights from Big W in Canberra

* Boots from Joanne Mercer in Canberra (I bought these yesterday and I love love love them!)

How is your Monday going angel?

Love Lady Smaggle




  1. Meaghan 12 years ago

    Lady Smaggle, you look awesome! But I have to say as a curly haired sister too, your hair always looks gorgeous! 🙂

  2. Lady smaggle 12 years ago

    thanks love! The secret is moisture. Leave in creamy conditioners are the way to go!

  3. Nadist 12 years ago

    That is one HOT photo! Whoa. On holiday, are ya? Mine don’t start till next week.

  4. Mazzy 12 years ago

    Forgot the daily food diary. Not interested, as you are not overweight, fat or unsightly in any way, but the guilt you are putting yourself through is starting to shit me…

  5. The Mumma 12 years ago

    Loving the whole look, my dear. Hot boots.

  6. Lady Smaggle 12 years ago

    Nadist – No not on holiday just had a day off. Teaching all this week and then on holiday next week but I am on uni holiday. Had a fab day off though!

    Mazzy – Oh love I really think that you’re reading too much into my posts. I was just saying what I ate for lunch because it was yummy. And then I said I was drinking wine. It’s all just fluffy crap really! Point taken though. I’ll try to tone down the daily health stuff. It is after all a fashion blog right?

    The mumma – Thanks mate! They are mega comfy. Totally loving them right now.

  7. Sal 12 years ago

    Looking gorgeous, lady. The new boots are killer!

  8. eyeliah 12 years ago

    ick it’s monday so I will say no comment. I love those boots, they will be perfect all winter and beyond.

  9. Ali m 12 years ago

    You have one of the healthiest attitudes to food of anyone i know.

  10. Lady Smaggle 12 years ago

    Sal – Thanks! They are super comfy. Been wearing them non-stop

    Eyeliah – Feeling the same way. And it’s already Tues here!

    Al – Thanks cuz! 🙂

  11. Butterfly 12 years ago

    The boots look fab, perfect no fuss style 🙂

  12. susie_bubble 12 years ago

    Can’t see the heel on them but they look super comfy….!

  13. Katie 12 years ago

    those boots are great, especially with the sassy/sexy fishnets!

  14. Jordan Best 12 years ago

    I also have new boots! Yay!

  15. munchbox 12 years ago

    Back in Canberra for goodsies?

  16. Grant 12 years ago

    I’ve not been reading because my internet is handicapped; but now that it is working again I find myself stricken with some sort of flu. Gross.

    Love, love, LOVE those boots! You’re too stylish for words.


  17. Jocelyne 12 years ago

    Love the new boots! I’m Really digging on your dress too!

  18. Lady Smaggle 12 years ago

    Butterfly – They are! They have not been off my feet!

    Susie – Short and stacked. Super comfy.

    Katie – Thanks! I was a little cold though…

    Jordan – Oh! Do you love them? What are they like?

    Munchbox – No back to Melbs next week. Just visiting my man for a month while on holidays.

    Grant – Thanks hon! And congrats on your blogaversary!

    Jocelyne – Thanks lady. Haven’t seen you around here in a while good to hear from you!

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